‘2 points from 10 games’ A good player does not make a good manager

Everton manager Frank Lampard has been sacked.

Everton are currently in 19th place in the English Premier League (EPL). If it continues like this, it will be difficult to avoid relegation. Special measures were needed, and the arrow was directed at manager Frank Lampard.

Manager Frank Lampard has suffered disastrous results in his last 10 games. Everton had only 2 draws and 8 losses in the EPL, League Cup and FA Cup. It only drew with Fulham and Manchester City, but it fell like leaves in 8 games. It was coach Frank Lampard, who repeated 4 consecutive losses twice after a draw. 메이저사이트

The goal difference couldn’t have been good either. Everton left a disastrous number of -17. Based on European big league standards, no team has fallen behind Everton in the last 10 official games.

Coach Frank Lampard is a person who spent his playing days more splendidly than anyone else. He has been playing for Chelsea for a long time and has embraced all the trophies he could win. However, success in his playing career did not guarantee success in his managerial career. It was okay in Derby County, but in Chelsea and Everton, it ended in such a bad form.

There are cases where a good player becomes a good manager like coach Zinedine Zidane, but many legends cannot carry on the glory of his player days as a manager. Coach Frank Lampard to date has also been left as one of the examples of failing to connect fame.

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