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After the Lunar New Year holidays, each club will go abroad for spring camp for the 2023 season. The players, who had a sweet break with individual training until the end of January after completing simple finishing training after the end of last year’s season, are leaving for the preliminary test site to return to diamonds full of young blood.

The overseas spring camp, which resumed after three years, is the responsibility of first-team players. In other words, the players who will directly play in the 2023 pennant race are the main axis. Players who need to build up more experience and skills in the Futures League usually participate in domestic spring camps. Therefore, whether or not to join the overseas spring camp is a shortcut to entering the first team in the 2023 KBO League.

For this reason, it is always the focus of attention to who among the newbies, excluding the existing main players, will participate in the first team spring camp.

Every year in the KBO League, a total of 110 newcomers, 11 each from rounds 1 to 11, knock on the door to the pros through the draft. Among them, there is a player who has been considered a large player since middle school and high school and is nicknamed ‘Super Rookie’, and there is a player who has not been properly known but wears a professional uniform by scouts’ choice with faith in his future.

However, it is not easy for rookies to be named in the first team spring camp right away.

Circumstances are slightly different for each club, but most of the rookies included in the first-team spring camp are pitchers who are capable of immediate power in their own way, and are the top-ranked rookies in the draft. 먹튀검증

The 2023 season is pretty much the same. Looking at the 7 clubs excluding Lotte, Samsung, and kt, which have not yet announced their spring camp rosters, pitchers among the rookies who were nominated as the first rank were mostly listed in the first team spring camp.

Kim Seo-hyun (Hanwha), Yun Young-chul (KIA), Shin Young-woo (NC), Lee Row-un (SSG), and Kim Gun-hee (Kiwoom), who were nominated in the first round with a reputation as a special pitcher in high school, are typical. On the other hand, Doosan’s catcher Yoon Jun-ho, who was nominated in the 5th round, and LG’s 3rd ranked pitcher Park Myung-geun were included.

In addition, infielder Moon Hyun-bin nominated in the second round for Hanwha, catcher Kim Dong-hyun and outfielder Song Jae-seon in the fifth round for Kiwoom, who received the nomination right from KIA and exercised in the second round, and NC pitcher Lee Jun-ho, a college graduate, joined the first team camp.

In addition, last year’s combined championship team SSG, in addition to Lee Ro-han as a rookie, has 4 newcomers including 2nd round pitcher Song Young-jin, 3rd round outfielder Kim Jung-min and 7th round infielder Kim Min-jun, as well as 2022 rookies Kim Do-hyun, Shin Heon-min and Yoon Tae-hyun, 7 newcomers with less than 2 years of experience. The inclusion drew attention.

However, it is unclear whether all of them will be able to play their role in the first team in the 2023 season.

Just looking at recent examples, Jae-Young Jang (Kiwoom), Do-Young Kim (KIA), and Dong-Joo Moon (Hanwha), who joined with the second largest down payment of all time, did not perform as well as expected in their first year as rookies. In particular, in the 2022 season, there was no case of becoming a main player among newcomers who entered the pro with the honor of the first nomination and the first round.

With this wind, starting with Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom) in the 2017 season, Kang Baek-ho (kt), Jeong Woo-young (LG), So-jun Joon (kt), and Lee Eui-ri (KIA), the Rookie of the Year awards received by the rookies for five consecutive years also last year, Jeong Cheol-won, a 5-year pro. (Doosan) won the award. It also means that the walls of the KBO league have become that much thicker as the years of injustice have passed.

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