397S tied… Kimbrel vs Jensen. Who became the 7th 400 save in MLB history?

 397 saves side by side. Who will reach 400 saves first?

The race for 400 career saves between Craig Kimbrel of the Philadelphia Phillies and Kenley Jensen of the Boston Red Sox is fierce.

The two 메이저사이트debuted side by side in the major leagues in 2010, but Kimbrel continued to lead and Jensen followed.

Kimbrel reached 100 saves in 2013, and Jensen broke it in 2014. Kimbrel also recorded 200 saves in 2015, Jensen in 2017, and Kimbrel was faster. Kimbrel made 300 saves in 2018, and Jensen did it a year later in 2019.

But after that, Kimbrel’s save streak slowed, and Jensen caught up. In the end, until last season, Kimbrel had 394 saves and Jensen had 391 saves, which was reduced to three. And while Jensen recorded 6 saves this season, Kimbrel only had 3 saves, finally tying the score.

There are only six pitchers in major league history who have surpassed 400 saves in their individual careers. Lee Smith was the first to break through in 1993, followed by John Franco (1999), Trevor Hoffman (2005), Mariano Rivera (2006), Billy Wagner (2010), and Francisco Rodriguez (2016). And for the first time in seven years, this time, two players will exceed 400 saves.

It is unlikely that 400 saves will be covered in a head-to-head match. From May 6-8, Boston and Philadelphia will play a three-game series. He may have reached 400 saves before, but if he makes 399 saves and goes into a three-game series, it seems that baseball fans will be interested.

Who will reach the 400 save mark first? Making 400 saves has become a matter of course now, but it is a battle of pride to see who will be named first.

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