49 strikeouts in 5 games… A new ‘Doctor K’ appears in the major leagues

Another monster pitcher has appeared in the major leagues. Spencer Strider (25) is in his third year with the Atlanta Braves. Strider, a right-handed pitcher who graduated from Clemson University in 2020 and was nominated in the 4th round by the Braves, struck out 13 without firing a pitch in 8 innings against the Florida Marlins on the 25th, and led the team to an 11-0 victory with 2 hits and no runs.

Strider is 메이저놀이터continuing a good pitching streak with 3 wins, no losses and an average ERA of 1.80 in 5 games this season. 49 strikeouts in 5 games. In the game against the Marlins on the 25th, when he recorded his first double-digit strikeout this season, Strider continued his perfect pitching, not allowing a single on-base hit until the 6th inning. In the 7th inning, a perfect game was made due to an error by first baseman Matt Olsen, but the dream of a no-hitter was shattered as the first hit was allowed after one out in the 8th inning. However, Strider’s pitching was impressive enough that even his opponent, Marlins manager Skip Schumacher, praised him. Coach Schumacher said after the game, “Strider’s fastball is different from other pitchers. It was as if he was dealing with a closer for eight innings in a row.”

Strider threw 101 pitches that day and showed off his perfect pitch, putting 81 of them into the strike zone (batting is also considered a strike). His 100th thrown fastball reached 156 km/h, so the pitch was full of power. Marlins hitters swung 17 times on Strider’s quick fastball and 14 times on a variable slider. “He’s a special pitcher, and he proved that again tonight,” said Braves catcher Sean Murphy, who caught Strider’s ball.Although he had a no-hitter with Perfect, Strider went down in history as the first Braves pitcher to strike out nine or more in nine consecutive starts. The record holder in this category is Hall of Fame Nolan Ryan. He struck out nine or more in 11 consecutive games in 1977. Strider ranks first in the major leagues in terms of strikeouts and strikeout rate (42.6% of strikeouts while out) this season. Last year, the second year of his debut, he also took 202 strikeouts, 11 wins and 5 losses, and an average ERA of 2.67, emerging as the team’s pillar pitcher. The Braves are leading the National League East with a record of 15 wins and 8 losses, overtaking the New York Mets (14 wins and 9 losses). The Tampa Bay Rays beat the Houston Astros 8-3, and with 14 home wins in a row, they became the first team to reach 20 wins (3 losses) this season.

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