A bad boy with unconventional ‘sky blue’ hair dyed… “I can’t go to Man City! Can I go to Coventry?”, fans’ ‘mocking’

Bad boys. Dele Alli, who is called a prodigal genius, showed off an unconventional hairstyle.

Ali once worked as Tottenham’s ‘DESK’ line along with Son Heung-min, Harry Kane, and Christian Eriksen, and was evaluated as a top player in the English Premier League (EPL). But he didn’t last long.

The prodigal genius began to decline, and there were more non-game gossips. In the end, he left Tottenham in 2022 and transferred to Everton, but the situation did not change. Ali moved on loan to Turkiye Besiktas, but was virtually kicked out because he could not adapt there. He is now back at Everton.스포츠토토

It is unclear if Ali, who is recovering from an injury, will be able to play for Everton next season. He can remain in Everton and return to the EPL, or transfer to another team is possible.

At this time when the summer transfer market came, Ali showed off a meaningful hairstyle. It was dyed in ‘sky blue’ color. Many football fans saw this hairstyle as a hint for Ali’s new team.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ explained, “Ali’s unconventional hairstyle has been revealed, and football fans think it’s a hint to solve the mystery of Ali’s next club. Ali is ready for a fresh start this summer.”

‘The Sun’ conveyed the reaction of football fans who saw this, “Ali is back”, “I hope he can score 20 goals next season”, “Get this man into the team as soon as possible”, “Ali is back He looks happy. That’s enough for me. Ali’s comeback has begun.”

On the other hand, there were also fans who were ‘mocking’. Her hair is sky blue, the symbol color of Manchester City, the strongest player in the EPL. It is also the symbol color of Coventry City in the second division.

“There will be no calls from Man City. I’m getting ready to join Coventry in the second division.” “Man City won’t sign you because you dyed your hair sky blue. Well, maybe Coventry will sign you.” I will do it” and so on.

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