A call from Australia… 

 “We just arrived in Guam and were eating together when we got a call. The team has been moved.”

A high-speed sidearm that throws 153km two-seam. Can Kiwoom Heroes Lee Kang-joon (22) throw off the ‘wrapping paper’?

On the 17th, the Lotte Giants suddenly recruited starting pitcher Han Hyun-hee (30). It took less than an hour for Kiwoom Heroes, who received a list of 20 protected players, to nominate Lee Kang-jun.

Lotte’s spring camp departure date is February 1st. Kang-jun Lee left for Guam on the 20th with major pitchers including Kim Won-joong, Na Kyun-an, Lee In-bok, Choi Jun-yong, Yoon Myeong-joon, Kim Do-kyu and Shin Jeong-rak. It was to make a body early with mercy. Lee Kang-joon said, “The first meal became a farewell party,” and conveyed his complex feelings at the time.

“When I first came to Lotte, I was embarrassed because I was not prepared or expected. This time, I actually expected that I could go to Kiwoom, and since it was my second transfer, I was less shocked by ‘what should I do?’ I came by car, but I was told, ‘I have to go again’…”

A day later, on the 21st, Lee Kang-jun returned home alone by plane. Coincidentally, since it was the Lunar New Year holiday, I first greeted the main coaches, including coach Hong Won-ki, by phone. On the 26th, he will visit Gocheok Dome and have his first face-to-face meeting with Director Ko Hyeong-wook and Director Hong.스포츠토토

Lee Kang-joon repeatedly said, “I’m sorry to the Lotte fans” and “It’s a pity that I moved the team without being able to show a good performance.”

As much as he was recruited after receiving a good evaluation from Kiwoom, he is dreaming of a turning point in his life. The superstars representing Kiwoom are Lee Jung-hoo and Ahn Woo-jin, but they are a team with many sidearms such as Won Jong-hyun, Lim Chang-min, Byun Si-won and Yang Hyun. Although their styles are different, they are seniors who will be good mentors to Lee Kang-joon.

My only acquaintances are Jang Jae-young, Shin Jun-woo and Park Joo-hong, whom I met during my youth team days. Still, we keep in touch and keep in touch. Lee Kang-joon laughed, saying, “I heard the news from Australia and called. We all decided to have a meal together.”

Lee Kang-joon spent a winter full of extraordinary enthusiasm. After transferring to Lotte, he practically failed to show anything but potential for a year and a half. His three-season career record is only 32 games, 23⅔ innings, 1 win, 1 save, and an earned run average of 9.51. When he was a rookie at KT Wiz, coach Lee Kang-chul taught him two-seam, and he could not take a single step out of his presence.

“He’s a pitcher wrapped in wrapping paper that says ‘he’s young’ and ‘he’s fast.’ They say, ‘If you can put your ball in the zone, you’re worth standing on the mound.’ Sangmu is scheduled to enlist, but I want to show the results after being labeled as a promising player as soon as possible. Kiwoom is a strong team that finished runner-up in the Korean Series last year. I want to permeate well into that good atmosphere.”

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