“A great and fun game against Korea and Japan” Coach Lee Kang-cheol heading to the top stage 

2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) Korean national team coach Lee Kang-cheol digested the first official schedule and strengthened his determination. Head coach Lee, who faced the players wearing the national team uniform for the first time, pledged, “I will use the crisis as an opportunity to play as many matches as possible in the WBC.”

Coach Lee and his national team players attended the 2023 WBC national team orientation held at the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 16th. At the press conference afterward, he shared his thoughts on the preparations and plans for the WBC in March, and the teams he would face. The following is a Q&A with director Lee and reporters.

-This is the team’s first event. Please tell me your resolution.
Everyone says it’s a crisis, but I’ll turn the crisis into an opportunity. We will do well by preparing to play many games with a national team filled with young players and veterans.

-What parts did you emphasize during the orientation?
Each person will be given a role, and each person asked to be faithful to their role. He asked me to build a really good body and play without regret.

– I understand that the captain was elected.
The captain decided to discuss with the players rather than decide. As a result, Kim Hyun-soo decided to do it. He has a lot of experience in the national team and his personality seems to get along well with the players.

-What is the schedule for joining Tommy Edman? How do you plan to help assimilate with the team?
keep in touch We are in touch with technology. The time has not been decided, but Kim Ha-seong, who will play keystone with Edmund, is playing baseball in the United States. Even if he joined late, he thinks it’s okay to play Keystone.

-Yang Eui-ji has struggled in international competitions.
He is not good at international competitions with records, but he is checking things. Since there are many young pitchers, he thinks about giving them a comfortable batting order. I will induce the best performance in any position. If you want, I’ll give you a comfortable batting order. It will basically do to lead the pitcher well. I see him as the main catcher.

– How is the team atmosphere? And you saw Australia yourself, how was it?
There are many articles out there that are concerned about it, and there are also many articles that are positive. He thinks he needs to be nervous and well prepared. I didn’t meet all of them today, but I did meet most of them. face was bright I am preparing with a good idea.

I watched the game in Australia, and they were playing baseball close to Asia. However, it seemed that the Australian national team coaching tendency was not the bunt style. I am figuring that out. This time, I picked a pitcher who threw a breaking ball well. I think the player will know well and operate it. You have to score to win, but it is also important to block and go. Rather than an all-out battle in the first game, I will prepare to win by using all the cards I can. 온라인카지노,

-How do you view Japan’s electric power?
Players who were known by name were selected. A strategic analysis is also needed for this, but there is no guarantee that all of those players will appear in one game. I’m going to cut the pitchers off. He’s good at hitting, but he’s also good at pitching. I have to do well as a prosthetic player. I will deduct one point even if I do the operation. The power is so strong. Still, if I do well, I think it will be a great game and an interesting game.

-This time, the WBC kicks off from the 10th inning.
You have to anticipate the situation to some degree. Instead of runners on 1st and 2nd base, it was changed to one runner on 2nd base. How the operation turns out will be a variable. I am preparing by talking with the defensive coach. I think Edmund Kim Ha-seong should do well. We will consider various factors such as our batting order and the opponent’s batting order, and decide based on the situation at that time.

– The Czech Republic and China must also win. How are the two teams preparing?
Both teams are also being analyzed by power analysis. The first match is against Australia, and the next match is against Japan. China and the Czech Republic are also difficult and not easy teams. Short-term matches change from day to day. We will not be vigilant and prepare for every match. I will do a good analysis of the opposing league.

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