A great turnaround at Incheon University, which was unable to participate in the tournament because there was no new goalkeeper… Top of Tongyeonggi

Incheon University wrote a drama about winning the first competition. On the 19th, Incheon University won against Dong-A University at Sanyang Sports Park Stadium 3 in Tongyeong City in the final of the 19th 19th 1st and 2nd year college football tournament in Tongyeong, Tongyeong, Tongyeong, Tongyeong, Tongyeong, Tongyeong.

Incheon National University, which passed the preliminaries in 1st place in Group 11 and defeated Catholic Kwandong University, Jungwon University, and Jeonju University in turn from the round of 16, and reached the final, became the first team to build a monumental victory in the lower grade competition. Incheon National University coach Kim Si-seok said, “I want to give credit to the players. They ran well with cohesiveness toward a common goal.” Incheon University captain Kim Yeong-hwan won the best player award, Hwang Dae-yeong and Han Jun-yeong (Hongik University) joint scoring award with 4 goals, and Incheon University Lee Jun-seok and Kang Dae-gyu won the defense award and the GK award, respectively. Incheon National University head coach Kim Si-seok and coach Choi Gwang-hoon won the Best Instructor Award. 먹튀검증

Incheon University has not been able to participate in the 1st and 2nd year lower grade competitions due to a lack of players. Coach Kim laughed, saying, “The tournament was held with 18 players, including new players who joined four or five days before the opening of the tournament.” In addition, he praised him, saying, “I couldn’t participate in the tournament because there was no goalkeeper among the freshmen. Another newcomer, Ko Seok-min, was unable to make it to the final stage due to an injury. Manager Kim said, “Ko Seok-min injured his cruciate ligament the other day. I feel bad. I told the players, ‘Let’s win for Seok-min.'”

In the 40th minute of the first half, Incheon National University took the lead with Hwang Dae-young’s opening goal. A left-footed shot aiming for the lower left corner of the goal from the penalty arc split the net. In the 43rd minute, Hwang Dae-young received a pass from Seong Jun-mo and scored an additional goal with a clever play that beat the goalkeeper. When the final whistle blew, Incheon National University players cheered.

Hwang Dae-young stood tall as the main player in the championship by scoring 4 goals, the most in the tournament, including 2 goals in the final. Manager Kim praised him, “Daeyoung trains while others are resting. He is a player I don’t want to leave the field.” Hwang Dae-young said, “I was able to score a goal thanks to the encouragement of the coach, coaches and teammates. In particular, older brothers like Sung Jun-mo (who assisted the additional goal) held my mental well.”

The characteristic of Incheon University, as Hwang Dae-young said, is ‘one team’. Hwang Dae-young explained, “It’s a team where everyone becomes one. The style itself is strong enough to scare the opponent, but it’s a team that kicks the ball beautifully.” Coach Kim, who has been in charge of Incheon University for 10 years, said, “I organize a team according to the composition of the players and play practical soccer. I prefer a quick attack after a stable defense.” Coach Kim said, “We are a team that needs to win leagues and competitions. The players also have that pride. Last year, our results were bad, but starting with this championship this year, we want to show a better performance.”

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