A new star appears to fill the gap in the Gosa…Incheon, Germany Expectations UP for a ‘191cm’ striker with accumulated experience

Is it the appearance of a solver? It’s early in the season, but Chun Seong-hun (22)’s performance draws attention.

Incheon United sent foreign striker Mugosa to Vissel Kobe (Japan) last summer. Mugosa, who has been with Incheon since 2018, has played in 129 games and has established himself as the highest scorer and best goal scorer in the history of the club with 68 goals and 10 assists.

After Mugosa left,메이저놀이터 he was worried about his scoring ability. During last season, he joined the team from Gyeongnam FC and filled the front line with Hernandez, who recorded 4 goals and 4 assists in 8 games, but there was anxiety about the 2023 season starting without a ‘professional striker’.

However, this concern seems to have found a solution in a short time, from the match against Gangwon FC on the 16th to the match against Suwon FC on the 22nd. It was when Cheon Seong-hun, the ‘Incheon Youth Sacred Goal’, joined.

He was named to the starting list for the last two games in a row. He made his K-League debut against Gangwon, and scored his K-League debut goal and multiple goals against Suwon FC.

For two games in a row, Cho formed an offensive team with Jerso, Chun Seong-hun, and Hernandez. Chun Seong-hun came in and turned Hernandez, who had been appointed as a central striker, into a right winger. Hernandez, who was in a position to show himself the best, swung the side with Jerso.

Director Cho said, “To save what we are good at, we appoint Chun Seong-hoon. It’s the same thing tactically,” he said. It means that the performance and combination shown in the Gangwon match were impressive. In fact, through the game against Gangwon, Incheon managed to get out of the swamp of scoreless in three consecutive games and even took victory.

Chun Seong-hun walked the ground all over the place. With a height of 191 cm and a weight of 82 kg, he proved his worth by not only providing the ball but also going down to the second line and receiving the ball.

In particular, the biggest gain was the operation of the scoring gun with his goal catcher. Chun Seong-hoon scored the goal with both his feet and his head, and in the 19th minute of the first half, Hernandez’s penetrating pass rushed through and finished. In the 15th minute of the second half, Min Kyung-hyun’s cross from the left side of the penalty box shook the net with a powerful header with a high RBI.

After graduating from Incheon U-18 Daegeon High School, Chun Sung-hoon moved to Augsburg in the German Bundesliga in 2019. After spending the 2021-2022 season on loan at FC 08 Homburg, he returned to Augsburg before returning to his home team ahead of this season. Chun Seong-hun, who experienced the German stage, said, “I learned a different soccer in a different league. He realized a lot of thoughts and plays that were closed.”

Coach Cho said, “I have not been able to play in the game so far, but I think it is the result of my silent efforts behind the scenes. He is not complacent and hopes to develop further.”

Incheon, which was selected as a candidate for the semifinals before the opening, was somewhat anxious to start, but it has changed after the A-match break. At the center is Cheon Seong-hun, who breathes new vitality into the team by playing in two consecutive games. After completing the multi-goal, he ran to the stands and laughed, saying, “I’ve seen Mugosa run into the stands after scoring a dramatic goal.”

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