A roommate with a 19-year-old junior, Kim Chang-soo’s playing coach “It’s my homework to be helpful as a player”

 Right-back fullback Kim Chang-soo once represented Korea. At the age of 38, he is living his last active career. He took on the role of playing coach at the ‘new team’ Cheonan City FC.

At the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at Parev Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do on the 8th, Kim Chang-soo said, “I came as a playing coach. We are concentrating on telling the points that can be done,” he said.

Kim Chang-soo, who is recovering 바카라사이트from a muscle injury during winter training in Thailand, forms roommates with Han Jae-hoon and Lee Jae-won, who are 19 and 17 years apart. Kim Chang-soo said, “I tried to approach comfortably, but it seems that the friends find it difficult. (Laughs) I try to approach as comfortably as possible.” He added, “In the case of Han Jae-hoon, he did well in high school, but when he came to the pros, he felt a wall such as tempo and lost his confidence on the playground. It was something I also experienced, so I am teaching him how to overcome it.”

Park Nam-yeol, head coach of Cheonan City FC, wants Kim Chang-soo to help the team as a player. “I want experience from Kim Chang-soo. If Kim Chang-soo’s know-how and experience are passed on to young players, won’t the professional consciousness change if the younger players are well absorbed in it? I wonder if it will happen,” he said with anticipation.

Regarding this, Kim Chang-soo said, “It’s good if I can help by running, but I think that’s an assignment I have to solve. I hope it helps on and off the field.”

Playing coach is the first step Kim Chang-soo is trying to become a leader. Kim Chang-soo said, “Personally, he was preparing for retirement little by little. He has been organizing his mind little by little since last year.” He laughed, saying, “It’s my first time in K League 2. I wanted to experience it. The coach was also a famous person. I wanted to learn. It’s an important part on the way to become a leader.”

Kim Chang-soo, who is preparing to obtain an A-level instructor’s license, said, “I talked a lot with my classmate (Lee) Geun-ho. I asked Lee Ho a lot.”

“Even in Thailand, if you were injured and stood outside, the coach did everything you wanted to say to the players and said that if you wanted a leader, you had to do it. said.

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