“Advice to director Choi Won-ho? I’m having a hard time too” 

 SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung decorated the Gwangju KIA Tigers with a 5-3 victory on the 11th and moved to Incheon to play a weekend home game against the Hanwha Eagles on the 11th. I heard the news that the enemy commander’ had changed.

After beating Samsung 4-0 on the same day, Hanwha fired head coach Carlos Subero, who had a contract period until this season, and made the decision to appoint second-team coach Choi Won-ho as the team’s 13th command tower.

Hanwha was on 메이저사이트 the rise with 5 wins and 2 losses in 7 games in May until coach Subero was sacked. However, inside the front, questions about coach Subero’s team management method grew, and he made a bold decision to replace the command tower at the beginning of the season. 

Director Kim Won-hyung heard the news and immediately picked up the phone. Although he had never played on the same team during his active career, he congratulated coach Choi Won-ho on his ‘young fight’, who had been with him as a roommate in the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games baseball team. 

In an official interview ahead of the match against Hanwha on the 12th, coach Won-hyung Kim said, “I heard the news of the appointment of Won-ho Choi when I moved to Incheon after the game with KIA.” 

Many reporters visited Incheon due to Hanwha’s sudden change of manager, and joked, “It seems like they are doing a Korean series.”

When asked if there was any advice he would like to give as a senior coach, he lowered his body. In the 2020 season, Choi Won-ho emphasized that he had the experience of leading the team for more than 100 games as an acting coach for more than 100 games due to the resignation of former coach Han Yong-deok. 

Director Kim Won-hyeong said, “I’m having a hard time (to give advice). That said, I don’t have a long coaching career, and Choi Won-ho has the experience of acting as a first-team coach before me.” It happened with us first, but it’s probably the first game, so I think (coach Wonho Choi) will pay a lot of attention,” he laughed.

After the interview, coach Won-Hyung Kim personally visited coach Won-Ho Choi who arrived at the stadium and congratulated him once more. Director Choi Won-ho repeatedly expressed his gratitude to director Kim Won-hyung for his consideration.

Director Choi Won-ho said, “He just came to see me and congratulated me. He also told me about his coaching life for the past two years.”

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