After that day… Kiwoom got lost in the ‘6th batting order’

‘Centralized’ Kiwoom batting line, sluggish 6th
After the opening of the struggle, ‘Sixth batting order’ with a batting average of 0.107, bottoming out with a batting average of
1 win and 5 losses, struggling to find a batting order balance

The batting order of Kiwoom in professional baseball is ‘centralized’. 스포츠토토2 to 4 or 2 to 5 in the batting order is configured to drive the power of the batting line. Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki also said, “We are looking at whether it would be beneficial to increase scoring power by gathering (the main hitters) as much as possible from the demonstration game in March.” Kiwoom is a team that shows a relatively large change in the flow of attacks according to the batting order due to the composition of the fielding team in the first team, which shows deviations in attack indicators, and this characteristic appeared to be a concern for the manager.

On the second day of the regular season opening on the 2nd, Kiwoom placed Kim Tae-jin as the first batter in the Gocheok Hanwha match, starting with Kim Hye-seong in the second, followed by Lee Jung-hoo in the third, Edison Russell in the fourth, and Hyung-jong Lee in the fifth. Song Seong-moon was also chosen as the sixth hitter.

Kiwoom looks strong in the upper batting order centered on Lee Jung-hoo, while the lower batting order is relatively slightly behind. So, in Kiwoom’s batting order, the presence of batter number 6, which is the link between the top and bottom batting order, can be very important.

However, since the opening, Kiwoom has lost its way in the 6th batting order. Until last weekend, while recording 3 wins and 5 losses in the opening 8 games, the batting average recorded in the 6th batting order was only 0.107 (3 hits in 28 at-bats). In addition, he is confined to raising one RBI with a history that is far from the conventional role of being able to bring in runners who have not been solved by the center line.

The reason why the 6th batting order was empty was also from the 4th when the injury issue broke out among the main fielders. Kiwoom made major adjustments to his lineup as there were two injured players ahead of the match against Gocheok LG on the 4th. Lee Jeong-hoo, the nucleus of the batting line, came back after missing two days after brushing off discomfort in his back that occurred during weight training, but Song Seong-moon, who suffered a fracture of the right metacarpal bone in a protruding action in the process of blaming himself after a mistake in the previous series, has been absent for at least 10 weeks. foreshadowed It was the point at which the balance of Kiwoom’s batting line, which had quietly dreamed of reaching the top, collapsed due to reinforcement of power during the off-season. After that day, Kiwoom was shaken with 1 win and 5 losses.

Song Seong-moon was a player who came out frequently as the number 1 hitter. Last year, he hit 13 homers and scored 79 RBIs, so he had the advantage of being a good No. 6 hitter. Due to his absence, Kiwoom is placing Kim Woong-bin, Kim Tae-jin, Kim Hwi-jip, Lee Byeong-gyu, Lim Ji-yeol, and Lee Hyeong-jong in the 6th batting order, but he is not finding the right person. For this reason, creating a new flow in the 6th batting order is becoming a big homework for Kiwoom Bench.

The result of the 6th batting order is also the reference point for the team’s performance. For example, NC, which has been performing better than expected in 8 games since the opening, is enjoying the nutritional value of a batting average of 0.333 (9 hits in 27 at-bats), 2 homers and 6 RBIs in the 6th batting order.

Kiwoom is showing the power to knock the top ranks with only pitching power, centered on the starting lineup. If the entire batting line holds up to the middle ranks of the league, it has a composition that can be aimed at advancing to the Korean Series like last year. However, since the opening, the pace has not been so. The team’s batting average is 0.228, ninth, and the team’s OPS is 0.581, which is the lowest overall.

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