‘All players score’ Yonsei University wins by 35 points against Dongguk University

 All the players who stepped on the court did their part and easily won the victory against Yonsei University and Dongguk University.

Yonsei University won 88-53 in the regular 온라인바카라league match against Dongguk University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League held at the Yonsei University Sinchon Campus Gymnasium on the 24th. With this victory, Yonsei University went on a three-game winning streak since the opening day.

Yonsei University has many memories of being hit by Dongguk University. On September 26, 2019, the opportunity to win the championship on the home court was lost to Dongguk University (74-80), and on June 3, 2022, Dongguk University lost at home by 11 points and lost (78-82). .

I wasn’t as careless this time. Yonsei University had Lee Min-seo (9 points and 7 assists) taking the upper hand in the previous match, while Kang Ji-hoon (14 points and 14 rebounds) and Lee Kyu-tae (15 points and 6 rebounds) attacked the bottom of the opponent’s goal. Kim Do-wan, Choi Hyeong-chan, and Lee Hae-sol, who stepped on the court in the second half, all did their part and contributed to the team’s victory. The overwhelming rebound advantage (56-35) was also a winning factor.

Yonsei University’s advantage under the goal stood out from the beginning. Through consecutive offensive rebounds, Kang Ji-hoon and Lee Kyu-tae scored footbacks, and Lee Min-seo fired fire from the outskirts. Yonsei University put in Lee Gyu-tae, Kim Bo-bae, and Kang Ji-hoon together to raise the height even more, and as a result, the number of rebounds between the two teams in the first quarter was 9 (14-5).

Like the rebound, the score difference between the two teams reached 15 points (20-15) from the beginning of the second quarter. After that, time continued to pass as the lead was maintained by more than 10 points. Dongguk University was unable to attack under the goal, so Lee Dae-gyun gave the team a breath of fresh air with a 3-point shot. Lee Dae-gyun even scored a quick break, but Hong Sang-min and Kim Bo-bae scored under the goal, and the gap between the two teams did not decrease (36-22).

In the second half, the gap widened even more. Lee Gyu-tae led the team’s attack, not discriminating between 3-point shots and breakthroughs. Here, Kang Ji-hoon gave Yonsei a lead (50-29) by more than 20 points for the first time through a sharp cut-in followed by a dunk. Lee Hae-sol’s two consecutive 3-pointers added weight to Yonsei’s lead.

Even the bench members who stepped on the court in the second half of Yonsei University did their part. Choi Hyeong-chan got a foul in the fast break, and Kim Do-wan was in charge of excellent defense and quick break against Baek Seung-yeop. Their performance was enough to enthrall the home crowd.

There was no turnaround in the fourth quarter, when the gap between the two teams widened by nearly 30 points (69-42). Kim Do-wan and Choi Hyung-chan, who led the team in the 3rd quarter, were in charge until the 4th quarter. Both teams started their rotations and the game ended with Yonsei’s sweeping victory.

On the other hand, Dongguk University’s Lee Dae-kyun struggled with 22 points, but could not overcome the power difference. He lost due to poor height and poor 3-point shooting (16%).

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