An Australian pitcher on the scoreboard?… All-out ‘Getting used to’


The national team is concentrating on preparing for the first game against Australia. Even during training, I watched the videos of Australian players and put a lot of effort into analyzing their strength.

This is reporter Lee Seong-hoon.


Throughout training, images of Australian pitchers continue to appear on the Gocheok Dome display board.

It is to get acquainted with the opposing pitchers as much as possible with a week left before the first game against Australia, which will virtually decide whether or not to advance to the quarterfinals.

As Australia predicted an all-out war with us카지노, the players were careful not to miss even the smallest information.

[Kim Ha-seong/WBC national team infielder: I think the awkwardness will go away when the players watch these things.]

On one side of the ground, batters watch the 145km/h fastball from the pitching machine as they get closer and closer.

Watching the ball from a much closer distance than the distance between the mound and the batter’s box increases the ability to adapt to fast balls.

In the US field training, due to bad weather, the scheduled practice game was canceled and the batters who were unable to practice batting for three days as they suffered hardships on their way home, sweated in order to quickly raise their sense of hitting again.

[Lee Kang-cheol/WBC national team coach: I prepared better than I thought, and I thought it would be difficult today, but I came out in the morning and did weights, and I trained with the same system.]

The national team plans to take all pitchers to the mound tomorrow (3rd) in a practice game with SSG to check their condition and confirm their positions.

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