‘Another Injury’ Last year’s 21-win ace held back ‘tears’ over shoulder pain

Did you realize that your shoulder condition was serious? Ace held back tears.

The Atlanta Braves team put right-handed pitcher Kyle Wright (28) on the injured list (IL) on the 4th (Korean time). Wright started against the Miami Marlins that day and went down the mound after only two innings. The cause was pain in the right shoulder felt in the 3rd inning with a generous 8-3 lead on first and second base. ESPN, an American sports channel, said, “Wright said while holding back tears after the game.” It means that the condition of the shoulder is not good.

Wright started스포츠토토 the season at IL with shoulder inflammation. According to ESPN, in January he was treated with cortisone injections to relieve pain. Wright had been feeling discomfort in his shoulder since the second inning against Miami, but he decided it was no big deal. It was the bench that he detected the anomaly.

ESPN said, “Manager Brian Snicker and pitching coach Rick Cranitz noticed Wright’s velocity was dropping and they suspected something was wrong.” Wright’s restraint, which was 94.8 miles (152.6 km/h) at the beginning of the game, fell to 92.6 miles (149 km/h) in the second inning.

Wright’s departure is a big bad news. Wright went 21-5 with a 3.19 ERA last year. He was the only major league pitcher to win more than 20 games, leading the starting lineup along with Max Fried (14-7, 2.48 ERA) and Spencer Strider (11-5, 2.67 ERA). In this season, after ‘joining late’ after the opening, it was sluggish with 1 loss and an average ERA of 5.79 in 5 games. To make matters worse, his shoulder pain recurred, and a question mark was put on his return.

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