Another transfer speculation after 6 months of joining, 200 million ‘monster striker’ release clause

Six months into the transfer, there are already talks about transfer. This is the story of ‘monster striker’ Elling Holland (Man City).

The British media Mirror reported on the 27th (Korean time) that ‘Holland is one of the most talked about players in the English Premier League (EPL). There is a lot of speculation about his future. His father has also admitted that he would like to play for a different team someday.”

Haaland joined Man City from Dortmund (Germany) ahead of this season. He has already scored 25 goals in 19 matches. He has already scored three hat-tricks (three goals in one match).

Mirror said: ‘Holland has signed a five-year contract with Manchester City. On paper, Manchester City could keep Haaland for five seasons. However, Haaland inserted a release clause in 2024, two years after his contract. The amount is 200 million euros. Of course, invoking the clause doesn’t mean he’s leaving. Besides, the amount itself is very high. However, it will not prevent the likes of Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) from moving. His father also expressed the opinion that he would stay at Manchester City for three to four years at the most. Haaland is happy at Manchester City now, but it looks like they will part ways at some point.” 메이저사이트

Above all, the transfer rumor surrounding Holland is known to be a very big burden on the team. A Dortmund official said: “We loved Haaland. We had success with him. But he became a burden in the locker room, at the club, etc. He became the subject of every conversation. The timing was right. We are happy that Haaland has been successful.”

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