“Arguably, Captain Son Heung-min was Tottenham’s finest appearance!”…BBC for saying ‘YES’ when everyone else was saying ‘NO’

‘Captain’ Son Heung-min’s (Tottenham) debut has been criticized.

Tottenham and Brentford played in the first round of the English Premier League (EPL) on March 13. It was the debut of captain Son Heung-min.

The game was close. Romero opened the scoring in the 11th minute, but Tottenham went two goals down. Most notably, Son fouled Janssen on the way to Brentford’s first goal in the 27th minute, conceding a penalty. Tottenham drew level at 2-2 in first-half stoppage time with a goal from Emerson.

After the game, there was a lot of negativity directed at Son Heung-min. The team didn’t win, Heung-min conceded a penalty, and he was sent off without playing the full game.

Such is the fate of captains. When the team is underperforming, the captain is considered underperforming. Local media criticized Son for not doing his job as captain. Some even said that he was the first player to go wrong for Tottenham. It was argued that his best days were behind him.

However, not everyone saw it this way. While many were shouting “NO” to Son’s captaincy debut, there was one person who boldly shouted “YES”. The BBC, the UK’s public service broadcasting organization, is the most influential media organization in the UK.

The BBC had a very positive view of Son’s captaincy debut.

“Watching Tottenham in the first round was a breath of fresh air. It was the start of a new era for Tottenham. It won’t be an easy or straightforward journey, but it’s one worth watching,” the article began.

“Last season, Tottenham were a very thin squad. This season, they lost their greatest player of all time in Harry Kane. Tottenham won’t be full of excitement and hope. But we have a new manager who has brought back the style of attacking football we all want to see, and who can get the best out of his players.”

He then mentioned captain Son Heung-min. “Tottenham have a new captain this season in Son Heung-min,” says the BBC. It’s arguably the best thing to come out of Tottenham this season. He is a player who is very passionate about the club.”

He also talked about Spurs’ hopes. “Were Spurs perfect in this game? No, they were far from it. It was far from perfect. But was it an improvement on last season? 100%.” He emphasized.

“Yves Bissouma showed how many qualities he has, and James Maddison looked like he’s integrated into the Spurs team. The most pressing issue for Tottenham right now is having a quality striker. The void left by Kane has not been filled. You can’t fill it with a player of the type of player that he is.”스포츠토토

Finally, the BBC concluded, “There is a lot of work to be done before we can judge how Tottenham will fare in the future, both on and off the pitch, but we can be cautiously optimistic. There is plenty to be optimistic about for Spurs this season.”

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