As the ‘Baby Hulk Doll’ danced, the free throw success rate also decreased… At the jackpot effect, kt smiles

When the ‘Baby Hulk doll’ dances, the opponent’s free throw success rate drops.

Suwon kt prepared a fun event from the 4th round playoff against Anyang KGC in the 2021-22 season. From the 3rd quarter, when the opponent gets a free throw, a huge ‘Baby Hulk doll’ modeled after Yoongi Ha comes up and interferes violently. It is a special free throw sabotage operation prepared by kt, and it is getting a greater effect than expected.

A kt official said, “From last season’s semifinal playoffs, we have been placed in the Sonic Boom Arena. In fact, since the regular league, the general manager, the team’s staff, the college student marketer ‘Frontiers’, and the agency staff have really thought a lot about it. I thought about what fans could enjoy, and this is the result.”

Above all, I am glad that the fans are happy. We as well as other club officials responded positively, saying that it was fun. Ha Yoon-gi also likes it,” he said. “If you look at overseas leagues, there are teams that have a lot of fun solving parts such as free throw obstruction. We also hope that we can create a culture through the Ha Yoon-gi온라인카지노 doll and be together with the fans.”

Now, it is the ‘Baby Hulk doll’ that has become a specialty of Suwon. At first, he only moved his short arms (?), but now he interferes with his opponent’s free throws by showing intense dance moves. There was also the dedication of the Frontiers who passionately rocked the dolls behind them.

In the 3rd and 4th quarters, if the opponent only stands at the free throw line, a ‘baby hulk doll’ slowly rises from the back of the home goal. It’s a look that puts a lot of pressure on you. The ‘Baby Hulk doll’, which shakes excitedly in a free throw situation where you have to keep your composure, has the effect of significantly reducing the success rate.

As of the last 4 rounds, 7 of the 9 KBL clubs, excluding kt, had lower free throw success rates in the second half compared to the first half in Suwon. Excluding Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and Jeonju KCC, all recorded lower success rates than the first half. In particular, Goyang Carrot fell by 27.3% from 100% in the first half to 72.7% in the second half.

▲ Based on rounds 1 to 4, changes in free throw success rate between the first and second half of the Suwon expedition of 9 KBL clubs

Anyang KGC_ 80.0% in the first half / 68.4% in the second half -11.6%

Changwon LG_ 60.0% in the first half / 50.0% in the second half -10.0%

Seoul SK_ First half 77.3% / Second half 73.1% -4.2%

Ulsan Hyundai Mobis_ First half 65.0% / Second half 100.0% +35.0%

Goyang Carrot_ First half 100.0% / Second half 72.7% -27.3%

Jeonju KCC_ First half 66.7% / Second half 76.2% +9.5 %

Wonju DB_ First half 84.6% / Second half 61.9% -22.7%

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation_ First half 65.0% / Second half 58.6% -6.4% Seoul Samsung_ First half

87.5% / Second half 68.8% -18.7%

We are working hard to spend the season with our fans. Recently, we prepared a gift for the fans who cheer the hardest at the table behind the home goal. In addition, by comparing the free throw success rate of kt and the opposing team by quarter, gifts are provided to all fans seated at the table if they have an advantage by the third quarter.

A kt official said, “Prior to this season, the thing I worried about the most was what to do for the fans who came to the site. I thought there was no reward for the fans who cheered hard. So, I prepared a gift and tried to create an atmosphere where I could cheer more passionately.”

On the other hand, the point of the ‘Baby Hulk doll’ is its short arms. The short arms attached to the huge torso are cute, but sometimes make you wonder if it is really possible to interfere with free throws.

A kt official laughed, saying, “I’m still thinking about whether I should increase the arm length from next season.”

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