At the request of ‘Put 57.7 billion on Lukaku’… Abandoning the Swap Deal with Blahovic

The swap deal negotiations between Romelo Lukaku and Doosan Blahovic have broken down.

Italy’Sky Sports’ said on the 10th (Korean time), “Chelsea could not narrow the difference with Juventus. In the end, I gave up on the swap deal between Lukaku and Blahovic.”

Lukaku is expected to leave Chelsea this summer. He returned to Chelsea after his loan deal with Inter Milan expired last month, but manager Mauricio Pochettino is unwilling to hire him.

Juventus came to mind as a promising next destination. Lukaku suddenly cut off contact with Inter Milan last month and started promoting a transfer to Juventus.

The transfer fee blocked Juventus. Juventus lacked the ability to pay the 40 million euros (approximately 57.7 billion won) requested by Chelsea for Lukaku’s transfer.

A swap deal came to mind as a solution. Juventus are plotting to trade Blachovic to Chelsea for Lukaku after a disappointing performance last season.

Chelsea’s reaction was positive. Initially, Chelsea were not very interested in signing Blahović, but it was speculated that they changed their attitude as they struggled to recruit a forward striker.

Negotiations did not go smoothly. According to this report, Chelsea prepared an offer of 25 million euros (about 36.1 billion won) for Lukaku, but Juventus asked for 40 million euros for Lukaku.

Juventus’ position was firm. The media said, “Juventus signed Blahovic for 81.6 million euros (approximately 117.9 billion won). He still believes that he is worth 80 million euros (approximately 115.5 billion won).”스포츠토토

A swap deal is unlikely to happen. Chelsea are considering sending Lukaku to Saudi Arabia, while Juventus are considering selling Blahovic to Paris Saint-Germain or Real Madrid.

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