AVG .181 in April → .643 in May… ‘Offensive shortstop’ Park Chan-ho runs

KIA Tigers shortstop Park Chan-ho (27) is flying high after overcoming the poor performance in April. 

He seemed 메이저사이트 to lead the batting line with two hits in each of the opening two consecutive games against SSG Landers, which were held from April 1st. However, he immediately fell into a pit of sluggishness. He only had 13 hits in 80 at bats. He picked off five walks, but his batting average was only 1 1/8 1 Lee. 

He had a slugging percentage of 1.8 and an on-base percentage of 2.3 and 4. The sluggishness of Park Chan-ho, who has the ability to steal base, led to a decrease in the team’s scoring ability. 

He developed wrist pain at the Arizona camp and eventually received treatment and rehabilitation in the country instead of the 2nd Okinawa camp. Interpretation followed that it was a sluggishness caused by a lack of training at the camp. 

He had a sluggish April, but the bat suddenly got hot in May. He is hitting hot, getting 3 hits -1 hits -2 hits -3 in each of his 4 games. He went 9-for-15 and went into hard hitting mode with a batting average of 6.4 and 3.  

In the SSG Gwangju game on the 10th, he succeeded in stealing a base after hitting a hit with 2 RBIs in the 2nd inning and a hit to the left in the 5th inning. He also got on base in the ninth with two out-and-out hits to left. He batted ninth and was a perfect hit. His season batting average of 10% also increased to 20% 6. 

Park Chan-ho has expressed his will to prove his ability with his bat in the 2023 season. He was aiming to step up as a hitting shortstop. He once fell to last place in regulation at-bats, but raised it to 2.7 with 134 hits in the 2022 season.

As he played full-time, his responsiveness and accuracy at the plate improved. He got out of his slump and learned his own know-how, even how to manage his physical strength. Now, with his strength built up, he has the confidence to become an offensive shortstop. 

Contrary to expectations, April was crooked, but entering May, his blows were on the right track. His batting average has also increased, and the timing is right. If he led the team to the top with his clean defense, now he is increasing his contribution with the bat. It is a welcome recovery for KIA.

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