‘Best of all time’ Freiburg Jung Woo-young, will he write the first history with the club?

Freiburg of the Bundesliga challenges the club’s first and best record amid Jung Woo-young’s performance.토토사이트

In the 2022-23 Bundesliga match held at Europa Park Stadion in Freiburg, Germany on the morning of the 20th (Korean time), Freiburg beat Wolfsburg 2-0 and maintained 5th place in the league.

Japan’s Doan Ritsu played for 70 minutes, and unfortunately, Jung Woo-young was only substituted for the purpose of delaying the extra time in the second half.

Freiburg, who had been knocking on both sides, only scored in the 25th minute of the second half. Christian Günter received the ball in front of the center box and connected it with a mid-range shot, which hit the opponent’s defense and was sucked into the goal. The score was 1-0 for Freiburg.

Another goal followed in just 4 minutes. Roland Salai, who broke through the side, connected a low cross, and Nils Petergen pushed it in to take a 2-0 lead.

Jung Woo-young stepped on the ground in place of Lucas Höller in the second half of extra time, and the game ended without any special touches.

With this victory, Freiburg kept 5th place, tied with 4th place Union Berlin on points (59). Then, Jung Woo-young’s performance kept the possibility of challenging the UEFA Champions League (UCL) for the first time in the club’s history.

Freiburg have never made it to the UCL in their history. The best result in the European competition was advancing to the round of 16 of the UEFA Europa League, where they lost against Juventus this year. This season, they have already qualified for the Europa League.

The UCL’s predecessor, the UEFA European Cup, has never qualified, and has only qualified for the UEFA Cup, the predecessor of the Europa League, only twice (1995-96, 2001-02).

If Freiburg win their last game against Eintracht in 8th place, the final match of the league (34R), and if Union Berlin manages to draw or less against Bremen, Freiburg will move into 4th place.

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