“Bundes’ worst miscarriage this season” One voice even to Western, English and British media… Attacking the referee room from the director-director-captain

“It could be the worst decision in the Bundesliga this season.”

Borussia Dortmund stayed in a 1-1 draw due to a questionable misjudgment decision in the 2022-2023 season Bundesliga round 30 VfL Bochum held at Bonovia Lurstadion in Bochum, Germany on the 29th (hereinafter Korean time).

Before the game, 토토사이트it was Dortmund, which was at the top of the league by only one point with second place Bayern Munich. Dortmund, who played a day earlier than Munich, which was scheduled to play on the 30th, had to take a 4-point lead through this game victory in order to approach their first championship in 11 seasons. On the 27th, ahead of the game, Dortmund also raised momentum by announcing the renewal of the one-year contract for captain Marco Reus. but failed to win.

Dortmund showed an uneasy start by conceding the opening goal to Anthony Rozilla in the 5th minute of the first half. However, two minutes later, Karim Adeyemi’s equalizer turned the game around. The controversial scene came in the second half.

In the 20th minute of the second half, Adeyemi, who was trying to receive a pass from Julian Brandi in Bochum’s penalty box, was knocked down by a rough tackle from Danilo Soares, who had previously received a yellow card. Soares couldn’t touch the ball. Germany’s ‘Bild’ pointed out, “It was an obvious penalty kick scene and Soares deserved to be sent off. However, the referee Sacha Stegemann proceeded with the game as it was and judged that a video review (VAR) was not necessary.”

Spanish media ‘Marca’ also pointed out on the same day, “Dortmund received a controversial penalty kick. Soares’ action towards Adeyemi could have been called a foul, but the referee did not take any action.”

Britain’s ‘Sky Sports’ also explained the situation immediately after the game, saying, “It could be the worst decision in the Bundesliga this season. Dortmund missed one penalty kick opportunity.”

Meanwhile, according to Bilt’s report, after the match, Dortmund coach Edin Terjic, sports director Sebastien Kell, and captain Reus headed to the referee’s room in anger. The media reported Dortmund’s anger, saying, “After the game ended with a blatant decision, Dortmund’s key members went to the referee’s locker room and shouted so loudly that the walls of the stadium shook.”

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