“Chairman, don’t come to the locker room”… set a condition for the appointment of a new director

Will Mauricio Pochettino (51) take over as Chelsea manager? It is also clear what conditions you want when you take office.

British media ‘Express’바카라사이트 reported on the 26th (Korean time), “Director Pochettino does not want Chelsea chairman Todd Boreley to enter the locker room.”

“Pochettino said he didn’t want the president to come into the locker room when he became Chelsea manager. Boley has made a big presence around the players since taking over the team,” he added.

Also, “President Borley, as the owner, often visited the locker room after matches. He also went to the locker room to cheer up the players after the recent defeat against Brighton,” he said. shared,” he said.

European football expert Julien Lawrence told ESPN FC: “Coach Pochettino brought up this topic while talking with Boley and the general manager,” adding, “Coach Pochettino has made it very clear. He does not want interference from the owners.” .

Coach Pochettino led Tottenham for five years until 2019, and together with Son Heung-min, produced good results such as runner-up in the UEFA Champions League in the 2018-19 season.

After parting ways with Tottenham in November 2019 due to poor performance, he took over the Paris Saint-Germain baton in January 2021. But regret remains. They only won the French Cup (FA Cup) in the 2020-21 season, but failed to achieve satisfactory results in Ligue 1 and UEFA Champions League. In the end, it was hardened in July of last year.

Nonetheless, he is a recognized director. This is why Chelsea are considering him as their next head coach. Sky Sports commentator Gary Neville said: “Chelsea have already spent all their money on investment for the next three seasons. From this point of view, Pochettino is the best leader to take over the current squad, which has many young players,” he recommended.

In the end, several managers were nominated, including Julian Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique, but Pochettino was the most likely to become Chelsea’s new manager.

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