Chloe Kim also surpassed… Gaon Choi, a 14-year-old snowboarder who makes a new record when he comes out

The highest score ever, the youngest ever, the protagonist of this modifier is Gaon Choi, a 14-year-old snowboarder. They surprised the world by writing new history in each competition they participated in.

Reporter Oh Seon-min met through burns카지노.


A fleeting moment floating in the air,

< Dutour Women’s Snowboard Superpipe | Colorado, USA (Last February 26th) > A

snowboard halfpipe that twists and turns its body and pours out all the skills it can do.

Cheers burst out as Gaon Choi landed softly after turning 1080 degrees.

[Gaon Choi is here and is taking her snowboarding world by storm.]

She even made her youngest ever win with an all-time high score of 98.33.

[Choi Ga-on/Snowboard National Team: Don’t be nervous, enjoy what you’ve been doing calmly, and think so.]

In the event a month ago, Olympic gold medalist Chloe Kim’s record of youngest win was shortened by 6 months.

[{congratulation! I became the youngest medalist.} I am very happy.]

Snowboarding started at the age of 7, following her older brother.

Within a month, she stood out enough to challenge the half pipe, and

[Choi Ga-on/National Snowboard Team: When you ride without thinking in the white snow, you feel clear and like a bird… ]

In summer without snow, I sold out on skateboarding.

[Choi Ga-on/Snowboard National Team: I just rode a lot of boards. I go around a lot.]

The skill I am most confident in is the switchback nine, the skill of floating in the opposite direction and turning two and a half laps.

[Choi Gaon/Snowboard National Team: It’s a skill that women don’t do a lot. I showed it for the first time in the game.]

It is noteworthy that she will become the first Korean female snowboarder to win an Olympic medal, but Gaon Choi has one goal.

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