Cho Kyu-seong’s European challenge is not over, ‘Oh Hyun-kyu’s team rival’ Rangers love call

 a star produced by the World Cup, has not finished his challenge to advance to Europe. It seems that love calls will continue this summer as well. The news is that the Rangers, two of Scotland’s most famous houses, want it.

Football Fancast,온라인카지노 a British sports fan site, introduced recruiting candidates on the 8th (Korean time), saying, “Rangers coach Michael Bill is aiming to recruit a new striker first this summer.” Jo Gyu-seong was one of them. The media introduced Coventry FC (England) striker Victor Yoqueres more heavily than Cho Kyu-sung, but did not completely rule out the possibility of a transfer, saying, “Cho Kyu-sung will be thinking about the future this summer.”

Rangers is a team that showed interest in recruiting Cho Kyu-sung last winter. Cho Kyu-sung showed his value to the world by making a big success, scoring multiple goals in one match at the World Cup in Qatar last year. Along with Rangers, who were convinced of the signing, another prestigious Scottish Celtic and Germany Mainz sent a love call. At the time, all of them were active in recruiting, to the extent that a specific transfer fee of 2.5 million pounds (approximately 4 billion won) was mentioned. Cho Kyu-sung also openly expressed his intention to challenge Europe. However, he pondered over the timing of the transfer, and after meeting with the Jeonbuk club, he decided to stay in Jeonbuk. Instead, he was looking to knock on his European door again in the summer transfer window.

The Rangers didn’t pay attention either. Rangers News, which mainly deals with Rangers news, said on the 6th, “Rangers are planning to sign at least one striker this summer. Cho Kyu-seong is one of them.” The Rangers’ interest is sincere. Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos is likely to leave the team this summer, and this vacancy needs to be filled. This is why many strikers, including Cho Kyu-seong, are connected to the Rangers. The media praised “Cho Kyu-seong, who is over 188 cm tall, can lead the line by himself, do the dirty work to help his teammates or be used as the center of a scoring chance.”

This season, Cho Kyu-seong only scored 1 goal in 4 K-League 1 matches due to an injury. However, he finished verification with his explosive performance last year. Last year, he scored 17 goals in the league, becoming the first K-League 1 top scorer in his life, and his stock price soared with World Cup performances added. According to Transfer Markt, which specializes in the transfer market, Cho Kyu-sung’s ransom price jumped from 600,000 euros (about 900 million won) in June last year to 2.5 million euros (about 3.6 billion won) in six months. Cho Kyu-sung’s transfer fee is likely to be around the same level. Rangers News said, “Rangers’ rival Celtic offered 2.6 million pounds (approximately 4.3 billion won) for Cho Kyu-sung before bringing Oh Hyun-kyu.”

If Cho Kyu-seong wears a Rangers uniform, he is expected to engage in a self-confidence showdown with fellow striker Oh Hyun-gyu, who is active in Celtic. This is because Rangers and Celtic are two of Scotland’s most famous and biggest rivals. The confrontation between these two teams is called the ‘Old Firm Derby’ and is famous for one of the fierce rivalries around the world. The competition between the two teams for the championship is also the biggest attraction. But this season has been a landslide victory for Celtic. Celtic had the best season ever, winning the league title after reaching the top of the League Cup in February. On the 4th of next month, the Scottish Cup final is ahead. If you reach the top once again, you will achieve the treble.

Oh Hyun-gyu, who wore a Celtic uniform in January, also lifted the championship cup in a row as soon as he transferred. He scored 3 goals in 12 league games this season, especially in an away game against Hearts of Midlotheian on the 7th, scoring an additional goal to lead the team to a 2-0 victory. With this victory, Celtic won the league for the second time in a row and built a golden tower of 53 championships in the club’s career. It is close to the record of the Rangers (55 times), the most winning team in league history., a European football statistics media, gave Oh Hyun-kyu a season rating of 6.43. In his debut season, his performance was recognized even in situations where he did not have much playing time. It has been 11 years since Ki Sung-yong (FC Seoul) and Cha Doo-ri (FC Seoul Youth Director) in 2012 that a Korean player has won the Scottish League title.

From the perspective of the Rangers, they are aiming to recover their pride next season. The recruitment of Cho Kyu-sung can be a signal for a revival. In addition, Rangers are known to have put up Swansea City (England) striker Yoel Pirohe and Bordeaux (France) Josh Maza as potential candidates.

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