Clothes official is out!…’Everton’s sacred goal’ Gordon, signed with Newcastle board

Anthony Gordon has completed his transfer to Newcastle United from Everton.

‘NUFC BLOG’, which delivers news from Newcastle, posted a picture with the news that Gordon’s transfer to Newcastle was completed through SNS. In the photo introduced by the media, it was possible to see Gordon wearing a Newcastle uniform and signing a contract with the board members.

Gordon is a ‘sacred bone youth’ who grew up in Everton. Born in 2001, Gordon joined Everton in 2012 and grew up. He played exclusively for Everton, except for an interim loan spell at Preston North End.

He showed explosive growth from last season. He established himself as a fast-footed winger in the English Premier League (EPL), scoring 4 goals and 2 assists in 35 league games. This season he was scoring 3 goals in 18 matches. Gordon’s influence in the game was great within Everton, which was recently competing in the relegation zone. Due to this performance, he received an active love call from Tottenham Hotspur during the transfer market last summer. 메이저놀이터

I stayed at the time, but I decided to transfer through the transfer market this winter. After dropping Chris Wood, Newcastle could bring in a young Gordon to bolster their power. According to reporter Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with the European soccer market, it was found that the contract was concluded with a transfer fee of 40 million pounds (approximately 61 billion won).

He didn’t move the team cleanly. In an attempt to convince Everton, who had stubbornly rejected the move, Gordon made it public that he wanted to leave the club. In the process, he didn’t come to training for several days, and the repercussions grew.

Gordon, who left Everton, is committed to a new start in Newcastle. Unlike Everton, which has not been able to escape the relegation zone this season, Newcastle is a top club in the English Premier League (EPL). Excluding Arsenal and Manchester City, which are currently competing to win the league, they are showing off their overwhelming firepower to the extent of being the highest ranked.

Attention is focusing on whether Newcastle, which Gordon joined, will be able to advance to the European Football Federation (UFEA) Champions League (UCL) of their dreams by entering the top 4 of the league this season.

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