“I’m sorry to the players.”

Seoul Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok had no choice but to let out a deep sigh.

Samsung, led by head coach Eun, was again unable to escape a losing streak. In the home game against Changwon LG held on the 5th, they lost 68-79. It is a deep abyss of 6 consecutive losses.

After the game, coach Eun’s expression showed the pain of the mire. He began the interview with his apology.

“I’m sorry to the players. As a coach, I had to give the players trust, saying, ‘Because I’ve been reorganized, trust me. I’ll have a good game’, but I feel like I’ve become a liar.” 토토

Samsung suffered a decisive turnover that day. Regarding this, coach Eun said, “It’s a bit of a stretch to talk about concentration in a team atmosphere that is on a losing streak. “We have to find the ,” he diagnosed, “turnovers that are chronically collapsed in fast-breaking situations keep coming out. It’s a big mistake to overlook while preparing for the off-season.

Ace Lee Jung-hyun kept the bench throughout the 4th quarter. For good reason. Manager Eun said, “When judging the last 4 or 5 games, it is judged that Lee Jung-hyun has little energy to use. The break time is approaching and we have to reorganize by replacing foreign players, but Lee Jung-hyun should not be injured.” It is also important, but it was judged that the energy was exhausted.

Following this, coach Eun hinted at a plan to reorganize foreign players, such as Allegji, a foreign player whose contract expires after two games. Emmanuel Terry is also expected to be replaced.