Corona 19, which became a good news… Our card, up to 3rd place

 Professional volleyball Woori Card was hit directly on the 14th. As the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) circulated within the team, manager Shin Young-cheol, middle blocker Lee Sang-hyun, and backup setter Han Tae-joon tested positive.

Woori Card, which was in a fierce battle for third place, seemed to lose power.

Coincidentally, the opponent was Korean Air, the No. 1 team.

The odds of Woori Card losing its captain did not look great.

However, in the home game against Korean Air held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 14th, Woori Card showed great concentration and won 3-2 after a full set match.

In the 5th set, which was the battleground, it ended with 21-19 after 6 deuces.

Middle blocker Kim Wan-jong, who replaced Lee Sang-hyun at the center, scored 13 points, the third most on the team, including two blocks.

Woori Card, which struggled to overcome the wall of Korean Air, met bad news again ahead of the second place Hyundai Capital match on the 19th.

Outside heaters Kim Ji-han and Kim Dong-min were additionally confirmed.

Before the game, Kim Jae-heon, head coach of Woori Card, said, “Song Hee-chae has to fill the vacancy,” and “there is no other player to use.”

The team spirit was evident in the game. With the manager and four players missing, Woori Card gave away the first set 14-25. It was a complete defeat atmosphere.

However, from the 2nd set, Woori Card started to show a different look. Foreign players Riverman Agamez and Na Gyeong-bok led the attack, and Song Hee-chae, who was in charge of the heavy duty, played the role of an atmosphere maker by taking responsibility for 5 points.

Woori Card, which reversed the atmosphere, took the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sets and won a come-from-behind victory.

Woori Card defeated both the 1st and 2nd place teams and pursued the 3rd place OK Financial Group by 1 point in the absence of coach Shin Young-cheol.

Jeong Seong-gyu, the ‘one-point server’ who led the team to victory by putting a decisive strong serve in the 3rd set deuce, said, “The coach is not there, but all the players have come together to maintain the team atmosphere.” We shouted and encouraged each other,” he said. 바카라사이트

Head coach Kim Jae-heon also said that the crisis turned into an opportunity.

Coach Kim said, “Korean Air is the No. 1 team, and Hyundai Capital is a strong team that has never won this season.” said.

He added, “Everyone was taken aback when the coach was confirmed, but it seems that he did not lose his mood while training according to the strategy he prepared.”

The enthusiastic cheering of the crowd was also a great help to Woori Card, which was in crisis.

On the 14th, the home game against Korean Air attracted 3,217 people, the largest number of spectators in the 2022-2023 season.

Head coach Kim Jae-heon said, “I could feel the enthusiasm of the fans cheering me on.”

Now, Woori Card is going to the OK Financial Group, which is the watershed of reclaiming third place. On the 22nd at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, Woori Card will go hunting for the 3rd place OK Financial Group with 1 point.

In the game, all four players confirmed to be infected with Corona 19, including coach Shin Young-cheol, will return.

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