Crossing Jeju and meeting Seoul… Pohang, ahead of the June break, sets out for ‘2nd place Mercury’

Pohang Steelers go to second place ‘Suseong’.

Pohang, led by manager Kim Ki-dong, recaptured second place by beating Jeju United 2-1 in the 17th round. He overcame the shock of a complete defeat against Gwangju FC (2-4 loss) just before. Pohang, which had 30 points, beat FC Seoul and Jeju (28 points below), who were in 3rd and 4th place. It added meaning by beating Jeju, the rival team for second place.안전놀이터

Coincidentally, Pohang’s opponent in the 18th round was Seoul. Pohang and Seoul will face each other for the second time this season at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 11th. In their first head-to-head match, they drew 1-1. It is a confrontation with 6 points as they are competing for ranking within 1 game car.

Pohang has a lot of injuries. This is Kim’s biggest concern. Jung Jae-hee has already left for a long time, and midfielder Kim Jong-woo also seems to take a considerable amount of time to return. Sim Sang-min, who has been responsible for this season as a left-sided defender, is also temporarily out due to an injury. It’s not a big injury. In addition, defenders Ha Chang-rae and Park Chan-yong, and striker Kim Seung-dae are not in perfect physical condition.

Pohang Lee Ho-jae (center). offer | Korea Professional Football Federation

Nevertheless, Pohang is maintaining its ranking. Shim Sang-min’s place is planned to be filled by Wandelson and U-22 resource Park Gun-woo. Wandelsson played as a left-sided defender in the match against Jeju and finished full-time without making any major mistakes. Lee Seung-mo and another U-22 resource, Kim Jun-ho, fill the vacant position of Kim Jong-woo.

In particular, the continuous scoring streak of the strikers is encouraging. Koh Young-joon continues his play without ups and downs and is the team’s top scorer with 6 goals. Lee Ho-jae has already reached 5 goals and is increasing his playing time. While competing in good faith with foreign striker Jeka, he also demonstrates a synergistic effect when playing as a two-top player.

Here, Baek Sung-dong is recording 4 goals and 6 assists. Assistance is second, and attack points are tied for first place. That’s why it’s such a big part of the team. In the goalkeeper position, which was of great concern, Hwang In-jae is also firmly guarding the back door without making any major mistakes.

If Pohang beats Jeju and even Seoul, they will enter the A-match break in June with a good feeling while maintaining second place. Pohang also showed a weak performance against Seoul last season with 1 draw and 2 losses. Attention is focusing on whether Pohang will be able to defend its second place by defeating the second-place rivals in a row.

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