Did Real get hit… 141.5 billion agreement Bellingham → knee surgery long-term departure ↑ ‘shock’

Did Real Madrid lose to Borussia Dortmund? Jude Bellingham (19), who made a basic agreement, is on the operating table with a knee injury.메이저사이트

Bellingham scored 14 goals and provided 7 assists in 42 official matches this season. The team finished runners-up behind Bayern Munich, but won MVP of the season.

News has already surfaced that Bellingham is headed to Real Madrid. On the 26th, through Marca, Spain, “Real has reached a basic agreement with Dortmund to sign Bellingham. The contract period is 6 years, the transfer fee is at least 100 million euros (141.5 billion won), and a bonus clause is included.”

However, the British Daily Mail reported shocking news on the 30th. “Bellingham is suffering from chronic left knee pain. He has been taping and running until now, but depending on the condition, surgery may be possible.”

The media said, “Bellingham was selected for the England national team ahead of the Euro 2024 qualifiers to be held in June, but he is highly likely to leave. The transfer to Real Madrid this summer has entered the countdown. His knee surgery could affect his future because there will be a long-term hiatus.

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