Director Kim Sang-sik, who visited Monroe in a moment of despair, saved KGC.

“It doesn’t matter at all who scores more points or whose talent is better. For us, only winning is important.” Darryl Monroe, a foreign professional

basketball player at KGC Ginseng Corporation in Anyang, is nicknamed ‘Coach D’. He is nicknamed because he is good not only for his skills but also for his ability to lead and help players off the court.

A new modifier was attached to Monroe in Game 6 of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship, which ended in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do on the afternoon of the 5th.

Oh Se-geun called Monroe a “game changer”.

KGC Ginseng Corporation온라인카지노 was once pushed by SK by 15 points in the 3rd quarter. At the edge of the cliff where the losing series ended, the fourth quarter began with a huge inferiority. Usually, in this case, a situation where you collapse on your own due to the burden often occurs. A brinkmanship is usually like that.

However, KGC Ginseng Corporation was different. Kim Sang-sik, director of KGC Ginseng Corporation, put Monroe in the 4th quarter to effectively break SK’s 3-2 regional defense. Instead of giving up Omari Spellman’s scoring power, he expected a synergistic effect for the entire team through Monroe.

The effect was great. KGC Ginseng Corporation overcame SK 30-10 in the last 10 minutes, including scoring 20 points in a row in the middle of the 4th quarter, and eventually directed an 86-77 reverse drama.

“Today’s game (this season) seems to be the most thrilling,” coach Kim Sang-sik said.

Director Kim Sang-shik’s decision was right. Monroe played the role of a control tower and shook SK’s regional defense, and in the defense, she neutralized Kim Seon-hyeong and Jamil Warney’s 2-2 game with skillful play, judgment, and positioning.

Coach Sang-sik Kim drew a picture of SK counterattacking by putting Monroe in the 3rd quarter, where SK caught the flow. However, he showed confidence that Spell Man would try a little more. However, when the flow did not change, director Kim Sang-sik made a decision. The 4th quarter reversal drama with Monroe deserves to be called KGC Ginseng Corporation’s best victory this season.

Monroe, who scored a total of 16 points, said, “It was a tremendous victory. Until the third quarter, SK had a stronger will to win. In the fourth quarter, we entered the court and tried to be active and change the flow. As our players gained more confidence, the game worked out well.” said.

Monroe, who emphasized to his teammates that they should forget about individuals and become one as a team, said, “In the fourth quarter, I told the players to watch the space carefully. He said he could break it. It wasn’t particularly difficult because it was a regional defense.”

KGC Ginseng Corporation is now able to play basketball in different colors depending on which foreign player is involved. Spellman is the scorer and Munro is the control tower.

Monroe said, “We become a completely different team depending on who plays. It will be difficult for the opponent to stop.” thing”

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