Director Park Hang-seo, who left ‘Papa Leadership’ “2-3 more years in the field”

Head coach Park Hang-seo returned to his homeland after a long absence from the Vietnamese soccer team.

Director Park said that he still has stamina and expressed his desire to work more in the field.

This is reporter Park Ji-woon.


After 5 years and 4 months of companionship with the Vietnamese soccer team, coach Park Hang-seo stepped on the homeland 스포츠토토for a while.

Coach Park says his most memorable runner-up in his first tournament after taking office, the Asian Football Confederation Under-23 Asian Cup.

<Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnamese national football team coach> “At that time, we were in a state where we did not have many systems in place… In terms of (overcoming) the cold, snow, and environmental factors that were different from Vietnam, we achieved the desired results…

” Coach Park, who caused the ‘Papa Leadership’ syndrome by taking care of himself like he did, left a bold footprint by winning two consecutive victories in the Southeast Asian Games and advancing to the final Asian qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar.

He is credited with changing the history of Vietnamese football and has been running non-stop, but he has no intention of ending the challenge.

<Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnam national soccer team coach> “I can do it for another 2-3 years, physically. If I go back to the field, I think it will be my last chance. Returning to the beginning, just like when I first went to Vietnam… “

Coach Park, who drew the line again, saying that our national team coach is not a consideration, reiterated his conviction that the Korea Football Association had appointed a foreigner, Michael Müller, chairman of the Power Enhancement Committee.

<Park Hang-seo / Former Vietnamese national football team coach> “There was a report that I became the Vietnam Technical Committee… I think that the technical committee should be a local person, so the part about the technical committee in Korea is not very desirable…”

Vietnam Attention is focusing on Director Park’s new step after finishing the last dance in ”.

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