Professional baseball player SSG Landers Choo Shin-soo (41, photo) sent gifts worth 50 million won to team officials who have been behind the scenes to support the team for the New Year.

According to the SSG club on the 5th, Choo delivered gift certificates to the club’s bus driver, ground manager, and training assistant. Locker room cleaners, team cafeteria workers, and uniform washers also received the same gifts.

Choo said, “I gathered good energy and energy because I had a heart that loved and cared for our players. Thanks to this, injuries were prevented and the records of individual players improved,” he said. I think our team will become a better team if our gratitude is conveyed well to these people.” He also added, “Even if I didn’t win last year, I wanted to express my gratitude somehow.”

In the major leagues of American professional baseball, players often express their gratitude to the people in charge of supporting the team in their own way. Tipping is the most common, and expensive gifts are also given. This is because they think that not only the players but also the support staff are all ‘one team’.

Choo, who went from eating bread soaked in tears in the minor leagues to becoming a major leaguer, has been leading donation activities both inside and outside the club. In 2021, when he returned to Korean baseball after playing in the major leagues, he donated 1 billion won out of his annual salary of 2.1 billion won to his social contribution activities. Hae Hae was selected as the winner of the ‘2021 Golden Gloves of Love’ selected by the Community Chest of Korea.메이저놀이터

In 2020, when the major league season was suspended in the aftermath of the spread of the new coronavirus infection, all 191 minor league players under the Texas team at the time received $1,000 each, a total of $191,000 (about 240 million won) in living expenses. I did too.