Durant’s worst ‘Big 3’ recall “It was amazing for 16 games” 

Kevin Durant (34, Phoenix Suns) looked back on his Brooklyn Nets (Brooklyn) days.

Durant attended a press conference commemorating joining Phoenix on the morning of the 17th (Korean time). Next to Durant, owner Matt Isibia and president James Jones kept their seats side by side.

Durant recalled that he played alongside a trio of superstars, Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

“Harden, Irving and I played really amazing basketball for 16 games,” said Durant, who didn’t get enough on the court. “But to win championships and be a great team, we had to play more on the court,” recalled Durant of his Brooklyn days카지노사이트.

Durant, who kept quiet about the reason for not being able to play together, expressed regret, saying, “They are Hall of Fame players who taught me a lot while playing with me, but it didn’t work out.”

Durant continued, “There were many twists and turns, but the process was good.” “I felt like I became a family with everyone in Brooklyn. They will continue to be part of my journey. So I didn’t win the championship I wanted, but I did my best every day and I still love them.”

Durant suffered a major injury, a ruptured Achilles tendon, before joining Brooklyn. At this time, Durant, who said that he was impressed that he waited for him, said, “It was a special 4 years in my career after coming out of an Achilles tendon injury. Emotions rise when you talk about them. I have nothing to say bad about because he helped me a lot.”

Durant, who cited Irving as the reason for leaving Brooklyn, acknowledged that he had pushed for a trade to Phoenix, expressing in one word that “our identity was taken away” by his trade request.

“We were finally building the culture we always wanted,” said Durant, who was upset about Irving. It seemed like we were building closeness every game, but I didn’t know the conflict between Irving and the front desk.” He said that he had a good relationship with them.

“So we didn’t have a clear identity without him. I was so thirsty to win,” he answered honestly.

Here, Durant said, “I tried to move forward as quickly as possible and figure out something on my own.”

Meanwhile, Durant is currently unable to participate in 3×3 training or team training. Accordingly, Phoenix sent infinite trust by entrusting the timing of his return to Durant.

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