Even in the command tower’s ‘passing point’… ‘1st nomination’ Lee Woon “You have to throw well at live pitching” 

“I think I should throw well not only in bullpen pitching, but also in live pitching and blue-and-white matches.

” ) Roun Lee, who recorded an ERA of 1.80, was nominated by SSG Landers as the 5th overall pick in the first round of the 2023 KBO Draft.

Rowoon Lee, along with fellow rookies Song Young-jin, Kim Gun-woong, Kim Min-jun, and Kim Jung-min, participated in the first-team spring 바카라사이트camp held at the Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach, Florida, USA. Rowoon Lee is sweating heavily ahead of his debut season.

Lee Rowoon, who met with reporters on the 11th (local time), said, “I think it’s good as a player just to be able to exercise after being in a warm place after being in a cold place. I think I have to work hard and do well as much as I was given the opportunity.” told

On the 10th, director Kim Won-hyeong praised Lee Ro-woon. Director Kim said, “(Lee) Rowoon needs to open the lid a little more, but he is showing the appearance of the first nomination. He has confidence in throwing the ball,” he said. . Coach Won-hyeong Kim, who watched Ro-un Lee pitching in the bullpen on the 11th, gave advice to Ro-un Lee.

Roun Lee said, “The coach told me to be a little concerned about crossing the legs during the throwing motion.” Regarding the coach’s praise, he said, “I can’t be sure just by pitching in the bullpen. I think I should throw well in live pitching or the blue-and-white match.”

Roun Lee picked Moon Seung-won along with Kim Gwang-hyeon as the senior he wanted to learn the most from this camp. Iroun said, “Senior Moon Seung-won was successful as a starting pitcher. I know that he returned last year after undergoing Tommy John surgery.” I’m learning things. It’s good.”

Regarding his goal for this season, Roun Lee, who said that he felt proud of being a professional after participating in the camp, said, “I want to stay in the 1st team and do well rather than become a rookie.

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