‘Excellent condition’ Gofang “I’m glad it’s the second game on the first day… I’ll focus on the first game”

On the 3rd, the draw for the final qualifying round for the Davis Cup Finals against Belgium was completed. David Gaufan (ranked 41st in the world) 스포츠토토, the ace of the Belgian national team, expressed his satisfaction and determination for the draw . 

As a result of the draw, Kwon Soon-woo (Dangjin City Hall, 61st) will face Belgium’s number two landlord Berris (115th) in the first singles match. Then, in the second singles, Hong Seong-chan (Sejong City Hall, 237th) and Gopang clash. 

On the second day, on the 5th, Nam Ji-seong (Sejong City Hall, 152nd in doubles) and Song Min-gyu (KDB Industrial Bank, 147th in doubles) faced Yoran Bligen (53rd in doubles) and Zander Jill (55th in doubles) in 3 singles. In the 4th and 4th singles, Kwon Soon-woo and Hong Seong-chan switch with their opponents on the first day.

The match between Kwon Soon-woo and Gopang, the ace of each team, was scheduled to be a three-single match on the second day. 

Earlier, Belgian coach Johann Van Huuck said, “It came out as expected. Gopan wanted to play in the second game. He was nervous about the first game. He practiced hard all week, so he is confident.” revealed 

Gofang said, “I don’t care about the first or second game. This game starts early, so I prefer a later game. All games are important, but the first game is also important.” I will focus on preparing and thinking about what to fill in after the first game.” 

Finally, coach Van Huuck said, “The national team is in excellent condition. They are physically good and full of confidence. The Davis Cup has a special meaning. 

The tournament will kick off with a singles match between Kwon Soon-woo and Berris at the indoor tennis court in Olympic Park, Seoul on the 4th at 11:00 am.

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