FC Seoul, what to do with unfair judgment… KFA “Acknowledging wrong judgement, excluding the referee assignment”

Professional soccer K League 1 FC Seoul lost valuable points due to an incorrect referee.

The Korea Football 크크크벳Association referee committee held a non-face-to-face evaluation subcommittee on the afternoon of the 27th and unanimously judged that Palosevic’s score was not recognized at the end of the Seoul-Gangwon game the previous day (26th) as an error.

An official from the Korea Football Association said, “It was concluded that the judgment of Kim Jin-ya’s holding foul and the video review (VAR) of the process of Palosevic’s goal being not fulfilled according to the rules due to the referee blowing the whistle were all misjudgments. “he said.

The refereeing committee issued a sanction to referee Chae Sang-hyeop, who was the referee of the game, to exclude him from the assignment for the upcoming weekend. In addition, it was decided to take administrative measures such as reeducation for referee Chae Sang-hyeop through an additional meeting.

The situation in question occurred at the end of the Gangwon-Seoul match held at Songam Sports Town Stadium in Chuncheon on the 26th.

With Gangwon leading 3-2 through Lee Woong-hee’s goal in the 45th minute of the second half, Seoul also had a good opportunity in the second half of extra time. After Ki Sung-yong’s corner kick, Kim Joo-sung’s header was blocked by the opposing defense. Right after the match, Palošević shoved the ball into the net with his left foot.

However, the referee blew the whistle when Palošević shot.

At the time of the aerial contest right before the shooting, Seo Min-woo of Gangwon, who was in the penalty box, fell.

However, as a result, Seo Min-woo was not dragged by Kim Jin-ya’s hand, but fell at the feet of a Gangwon colleague.

The refereeing committee of the Football Association recognized this as an error.

Furthermore, the referee judged both the foul scene of Kim Jin-ya, in which the referee hurriedly blew a whistle, and the situation in which the video was impossible to read afterwards, as misjudgments.

Situations where VAR is possible are limited to goals, penalty kicks, and ejection decisions, but as the referee blew a whistle before Palosevich’s shot, the score was zero in the first place, and VAR could not proceed.

Meanwhile, Seoul, which lost 2-3 to Gangwon, became the biggest victim of this incident due to a series of incomprehensible misjudgments.

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