‘Forgotten’ SSG Pilseung left-hander, once again with the power of his father…”I will find my place” 

 “I endured while watching my son.”

There is a player who was once in a winning group, but is forgotten at some point. SSG left-hander Kim Tae-hoon (33). 2023 should be different. That’s the team situation. The left-handed bullpen is lacking. If Kim Tae-hoon regains his former self, SSG can also smile widely. I need my father’s strength. It is also a situation where ‘milk powder buff’ is expected.

Kim Tae-hoon was active as SSG’s key bullpen in 2018 and 2019. In 2018, he pitched 94 innings in 61 games, 9 wins, 3 losses, 10 holds, and an earned run average of 3.83. In 2019, he also made 71 games, 69.2 innings, 4 wins, 5 losses, 27 holds, 7 saves, and an earned run average of 3.88.

After that he went downhill. From 2020 to 2022, a total of 23 holds and an average ERA of 6.39. In 2022, only nine appearances are all. He has an earned run average of 10.13 with 6 runs allowed in 5.1 innings. It is no exaggeration to say that he has completely lost his former majesty. He sprayed an average of 145 km/h at the peak of his life, but now averages around 140 km/h.

2023 should be different. When Kim Taek-hyung enlisted in the military, there was a big hole in his left bullpen seat바카라사이트. In the 2021-2022 season, he pitched in a total of 123 games. Total innings is 135.2 innings. Kim Taek-hyung is at the level supported by himself. One pole was pulled out. He has to fill the void.

The first player to be counted is Kim Tae-hoon. Because there is something that has been shown, you can expect it. My body is fine now. He was left with only the restoration of honor. Kim Tae-hun, who always showed a bright smile, but this time, his laughter was completely removed.

Kim Tae-hoon, whom I met at the Florida camp, said, “Every year I come to the camp with venom. December last year he just lived in literature. In January, he went to Kagoshima to train. He came to camp and is currently continuing his bullpen pitching. He seems to be getting better lately,” he said.

Let’s say that he is a player who will fill the void left by Kim Taek-hyung. You have to prepare well. I have to show a good performance through the practice game so that I can enter the opening entry, and if I show a good performance, I think I will be able to go to the winning group.”

So, what has not happened in the last few years? Kim Tae-hoon said, “Last year my arm was not good. It wasn’t that there was pain, but it felt like a lot of damage had accumulated. After he threw it, he never recovered. The more I threw, the worse it got. Now the recovery is complete. As long as it doesn’t hurt, I think I’ll be fine.”

In other words, the cause of the rapid decrease in speed was the accumulation of arm fatigue. Now the condition is fine. This is the part you can look forward to. “Now my physical condition has improved. I haven’t been able to continue for the past 3 years. I’m trying to be serious on the baseball field. Laughter is also missing. The goal is to find my place again. If that is the case, I wonder if everything else will follow.”

Another driving force has emerged. It is a son. “The baby was born in August of last year. Looking at the baby gave me strength. It’s been 7 months now. I still miss you. I don’t think I’ll recognize it when I go back.” He smiled for the first time.

There are plenty of reasons to do well. For yourself, for SSG, and for your family, you need Hotu. If Tae-Hoon Kim comes back to life, the SSG bullpen can clear up concerns.

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