French seniors unanimously support Mbappe as the next captain…”Leader inside and outside”

Who will be the next captain of the French national team? Surprisingly, there was a candidate who was supported with one voice.

France’s ‘TV Football’ reported on the 바카라20th (Korean time) that “Kalian Mbappe was supported by seniors as the next captain of the French national team.”

The French national football team, which finished runners-up in the last World Cup in Qatar, is taking on the challenge again by re-signing coach Didier Deschamps. The immediate target is 2024 euros.

Unlike Deschamps’ stay, goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has announced his retirement from the national team. The starting goalkeeper position is also available, but great attention is being paid to the player who will wear the captain’s armband instead of Lloris.

Previously, coach Deschamps revealed the criteria for the successor to Lloris as captain, saying, “It must be a player recognized by the team. And it must be a player who can be relied on by the team both mentally and football. There are candidates.”

In addition to coach Deschamps’ criteria, the seniors of the French national team are recommending Mbappe as the next captain of the national team. “Mbappe is the best player in France,” said Adil Rami, former French national team’s main defender.

Same goes for former captain Lloris. He sent his trust, saying, “The captain must do everything on the pitch. Mbappe is by far the best both inside and outside the pitch.”

“I think the captain is Mbappe,” said veteran Olivier Giroud, who competed at Euros instead of his retirement. “Or Antoine Griezmann is fine.”

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