From the Jeonbuk youth signboard to a defensive prospect that Turkiye is paying attention to… Jo Jinho is now

Cho Jin-ho, a promising Korean player, is aiming for the starting position of Fenerbahce, a strong player in Turkey, following Kim Min-jae. Local media ‘Milliet’ focused on Cho Jin-ho as ‘the successor of Perdi Cardiolu, who was discovered in the youth team’.

Fenerbahçe side defender Cadiolu has recently먹튀검증 been receiving love calls from the big leagues. Cardiolu, who was one of Kim Min-jae’s reliable teammates last season, completely changed his position from a side midfielder to a side defender. The tactician coach Jorge Jejus puts special emphasis on the attack power of fullbacks, and Cardiolu played well. He played full-time in all but one regular league game. Ca Diolu, who was a Dutchman of Turkic descent, was from the Dutch youth team, but his A representative chose Turkiye.

Cardiolu is also the player who receives the most love calls among all positions in the team. Napoli, which enjoyed the signing of Kim Min-jae, as well as Ajax and Borussia Dortmund, are interested.

As the possibility of Cardiolu’s departure increases, so does interest in a replacement. Fenerbahce imitates coach Jejus’ tactics in the second team as well, and prepares to be promoted to the first team at any time. An aggressive fullback was essential, but when there was no suitable player, he tried to change the position of attacking midfielder Cho Jin-ho. Even at his young age, he had no fullback experience.

Cho Jin-ho’s transformation has been a great success so far. An official from Cho Jin-ho’s side said, “Rather, the number of attack points has increased.” This is because of the trend in modern football where fullbacks rise higher and try to make decisive plays than attacking midfielders. During his youth, Cho Jin-ho was often criticized for his defensive abilities due to his small size. Although he had overwhelming skills as a child, he was sometimes viewed with skepticism as to whether he would be able to settle down in the K-League. However, fullback is a position that is less noticeable despite its small size, and the defense learned through hardships in childhood, such as Youngsaeng High School (Jeonbuk youth team), has been of great help recently.

The reason why the local media is paying attention to Cho Jin-ho is because Fenerbahçe has recently been using a policy that actively employs young people. ‘Milliet’ evaluated him as ‘a player who will be able to settle down in Team A soon’. Cho Jin-ho, who has already trained several times in and out of the 1st team, decided to stay in the 2nd team for the remainder of this season and gain steady game experience. He deserves to be promoted to the first team this summer. For Turkiye soccer fans who have not yet forgotten Kim Min-jae, expectations are higher as he is a defender of the same nationality and team.

Cho Jin-ho was not selected for the U20 Asian Cup, which recently finished in the semifinals. Manager Kim Eun-joong mostly selected domestic players with whom he had worked closely together, and there was only one player from the European team, Kim Yong-hak (Portimonense). Cho Jin-ho, Lee Hyeon-joo (Bayern Munich), and Lee Ji-han (Freiburg) were left out. In the long term, Cho Jin-ho can be a part of the youth national team as a multi-player who can play multiple positions such as side defense, side attack, and center. However, he will not be able to play in the first team until the U20 World Cup held in Indonesia in May this year.

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