Ga-Young Kim and Throng in the Quarterfinals. Elimination of Lee Mi-rae. Baek Min-joo, Kim Bo-mi, Lee Mari, and Lim Gyeong-jin also advanced to the quarterfinals.

Kim Ga-young and Throng defeated Kang Ji-eun and Park Da-som in the round of 16 of the ‘2023 Crown Haitai LPBA Championship’ held on the 4th, and had a quarter-final like a final.

Kim Ga-young gave up the first set without a hitch. She lost by 3:11 with no offense to speak of. Kang Ji-eun shot 5 consecutive hits in 4th and 5th innings메이저놀이터 .

However, Gayoung Kim was Gayoung Kim. Even in the situation of Molly, in the 6th and 7th innings of the 2nd set, he hit 5 consecutive hits and 4 consecutive hits and won 11: 4.

The third set was a hit and run battle. However, Gayoung Kim won 9:6 with 3 consecutive hits in 7 innings and 2 consecutive hits in 8 innings.

Slong Piabi defeated Dasom Park 2-0. He had a hard time because his initial shot was not released, but he turned the game around 11:9 with 6 consecutive hits in 9 innings.

The second set wasn’t good either. The two went to 13 innings while wandering together. Throng opened fire from the 9th inning and scored 7 runs, turning the score 11:9 again.

The match between Min-joo Baek and Mi-rae Lee was a one-sided race between Min-joo Baek and Lee Mi-rae. Lee Mi-rae failed to score a single point with 9 innings in the 1st set.

Baek Min-joo, who won 11:0 with 2 points, 4 points, and 3 points in 8, 9, and 10 innings in the 1st set, won 11:4 by attacking 7 innings in the 2nd set without hitting.

Kim Bo-mi defeated Su-bin 2-0. The first set was 11:6 and the second set was 11:9.

Lee Mari beat rising Lee Woo-kyung 2-0. The first set was 11:7 and the second set was 11:8. Lee Woo-kyung was unable to perform the continuous hitting show he had shown in the round of 32 survival match.

The quarterfinals were compressed into a match between Kim Ga-young and Throng, Kim Bo-mi and Lim Gyeong-jin, Baek Min-joo and Son Su-yeon, and Imari and Hayashi Namiko.

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