“Good job! Kim Min-seon” won the last World Cup 500m silver by 0.12 seconds! Missed the first gold medal, but ranked first in the world ‘unrefutable’

‘New Empress of Ice’ Kim Min-seon (24, Uijeongbu City Hall) won a shining silver medal in the last World Cup this season. .

On the 18th (Korean time), Kim Min-seon crossed the finish line in 38.08 seconds, 2nd place out of 20 athletes in the Women’s 500m Division A at the 6th International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup held in Mazowiecki, Tomaszow, Poland.

On this day, Min-seon Kim went out with Riedham, Utah, Netherlands, in the 8th group in-course. Both players committed fouls and restarted, probably because of the start gunshot and tension. She passed her first 100m segment in 10.49, and메이저사이트 with a total body skating, she recorded 38.08. She recorded a late time of 1 second 08 compared to 37 seconds 90 during her gold medal at her 5th Games at the same stadium. Kim Min-seon’s skill, explosive back-and-forth at the end, was somewhat lacking compared to the previous game.

Then, Austrian Vanessa Herzog, who was ranked second in the world, who faced Kim Min-sun in the 5th World Cup, joined Erin Jackson, the gold medalist at the Beijing Olympics, in Group 9, and did not miss the opportunity. With a close record of 37 invitations, 37 seconds 96, he won his first gold medal of the season. Kim Min-sun, who swept her gold medals in the 1st to 5th Games this season, gave up her gold medal for the first time. Rierdam, who raced with Kim Min-sun, took the bronze medal in 38.14 seconds.

However, Kim Min-seon added 54 points for the ‘Silver Medal’ World Cup that day, and with a total of 354 points from the 1st to 6th World Cups, she kept the overwhelming and absolute world No.

After winning three Universiade gold medals, Kim Min-seon, who promised to “become first in all competitions”, showed a regretful expression on her first silver medal podium of the season. He didn’t show his polite smile. However, coach Jegal Seong-ryeol of Uijeongbu City Hall, who was in charge of commenting on SBS Sports’ live broadcast that day, praised Kim Min-sun, saying, “Kim Min-sun has digested a busy schedule this season. . “Today, I really liked the backstretch in corner 3, a connecting movement with different classes. There was a physical difficulty after corner 4 on the ice in Poland, where power skating is advantageous. I want to applaud Kim Min-sun, who did her best even in the midst of difficulties.” He spared no support and encouragement for his beloved disciple.

True to her nickname, ‘The Goddess of Ice,’ Kim Min-sun’s race this season was dazzling. Seven years after Lee Sang-hwa in November of last year, she achieved her first World Cup victory in the ISU season, then she did not miss first place in all 500m races at home and abroad. She swept first place in the 1st to 5th World Cups, and in particular, on December 17 last year (Korean time) at the 4th ISU World Cup in Calgary, Canada, she broke her personal best record of 36 seconds 96. It came close to the world record (36 seconds 36, 2013) of ‘best friend’ Lee Sang-hwa by 0.6 seconds. She won three gold medals in the women’s 500m, 1000m, and mixed relay at the Winter Universiade in Lake Placid, USA last month, following her fifth consecutive World Cup victory and the Four Continents Championship. In the domestic winter sports event that immediately followed, Lee Sang-hwa’s sports record was surpassed and the storm race continued.

This season, she handled all competitions and all events up to the 1000m, and her physical load was heavy at the end. Although she missed the record of ‘all World Cup crowns’ in a single season, she climbed to the podium in all competitions and firmly maintained the overwhelming world No. 1. ‘New Empress of Ice’ Kim Min-seon’s run continues. At the World Championships by event, which will be held in Heerenveen, the Netherlands, from the 2nd to the 5th of next month, she will challenge the ‘beauty of the kind’.

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