‘Guerra winning goal’ Valencia, dramatic 2-1 victory over Valladolid

Valencia CF escaped the relegation zone with a dramatic goal by a rookie. 

Valencia CF won 2-1 in a match against Real Valladolid in the 31st round of the Spanish Primera Liga in the 2022/23 season held at Mestaya, Valencia, Valencia, Valencia, Spain on the 28th (Korean time). Valencia managed to win 2 league games in a row, while Valladolid failed to win 3 league games in a row. 

Early in the game,크크크벳 Valladolid scored the opening goal. In the 5th minute of the first half, Larryn caught the ball that Diakabi missed in the center of the opponent’s half. Larryn dribbles and kicks the ball from the right side of the opponent’s box. 

Valencia are fighting back. In the 27th minute of the first half, Valencia received a corner kick from the right flank. The ball raised by Almeida was headed by Paulista. However, it was embraced by goalkeeper Masif. 

Valladolid is back on track. In the 42nd minute of the first half, Escudero made a forward pass from the left side of the opponent’s half. This pass hit Pulkey and returned to him. Escudero caught it and took a long shot, but it went over the crossbar. The first half ended with Valladolid leading 1-0. 

Valencia’s equalizer came in the second half. In the 14th minute of the second half, Valencia won a free kick from the right flank. Almeida lifted the ball and Diakabi headed it. 

Valladolid threatened the opponent’s goal. In the 19th minute of the second half, Larryn sent the ball from the right side of the opponent’s box to the center with his back foot. Fresneda connected it with a shot, but it hit the crossbar and came out. 

Valencia turned the game around. In the 47th minute of the second half, Moriba passed to Gera in front of the opponent’s box. Gera shot the ball after dribbling and shook the net. The match ended in a 2-1 Valencia victory. 

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