Gyeonggi-do Yeongheon, 20 consecutive victories in the Winter Sports Festival, opens a ‘golden water’

Gyeonggi-do will challenge to achieve an unprecedented overall win and 20 consecutive victories at the 104th National Winter Sports Festival, the ‘Festival of Snow and Ice’ that opens on February 17th.

At the forefront of creating the ‘winter myth’ of Gyeonggi-do, ice skating (speed skating, short track, figure skating), which is likely to achieve 19 consecutive victories in the event, will invariably stand. Among them, speed skating, which will be held as a pre-game at Taereung International Skating Rink in Seoul for three days starting on the 27th, 20 days prior to the opening of the tournament, will take the lead in ‘breaking the knot’.

In the last competition, Gyeonggi-do ice skating ranked first with 43 gold medals (29 silver, 23 bronze) in speed skating, scoring 271 points, and short track (17 gold, 24 bronze, 10, 217 points) and figure skating (12 gold). Silver, 7, bronze, 5, 76 points) unfortunately stayed in second place, but scored 564 points with a total of 72 gold medals, 60 silver medals, and 38 bronze medals, leading Seoul City (464 points, 37 gold medals, 35 silver medals, 42 bronze medals), and has been in the event for 18 consecutive years. Climbed to the top.

This year, the Gyeonggi-do ice skating rink, which boasts the strongest power, is expected to contribute to achieving the 20th consecutive victory as well as winning the event with stable power. Analysts say that both short track and figure skating, which were runners-up by two points, will be able to rise to first place this time, even though they were the same in terms of points last year. 토토사이트

There are a total of 58 gold medals at stake in speed skating, which are promising to dominate the baseline ahead of Seoul and Gangwon-do, which are competing cities and provinces in the early stages, and Gyeonggi-do is expected to bring more than 40 gold medals.

In particular, Yang Ho-joon (Uijeongbu High School), the ‘junior champion’ who won 4 gold medals at the Winter Sports Festival last year, challenged for 4 gold medals twice in a row, and ‘long-distance signboard’ Jeong Jae-won (Uijeongbu City Hall), who caused controversy by sitting in the car of a drunk driving colleague, atoned. is promising to run for multiple crowns.

In addition, Kim Min-seon (Uijeongbu City Hall), who won all 500m in the International Skating Union (ISU) World Cup series in the 2022-2023 season, is likely to run for two short-distance gold medals, and Namchobu Lee Jun-pyo (Namyangju Shim Seok-cho) and On Seung-min (Uijeongbu City Hall) Willow Gaecho), Yeoji Han (Yangju Okbitcho), Jian Heo (Donggu Middle School, Guri), and Riwon Lim (Uijeongbu Girls’ Middle School) are also expected to win multiple crowns.

Jeong Ki-hoon, secretary-general of the Gyeonggi Skating Federation, said, “We expect that this year will not be much different from last year. It is analyzed that speed skating is expected to be the overwhelming No. 1, and that it is slightly ahead of Seoul in short track and figure skating,” he said. I will,” he said.

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