Gyeongnam Gapjil victim “I was sued without even hearing an apology”, the executive “unjust”

“I didn’t hear a word of apology, but the complaint came.”

Gyeongnam FC (owner Park Wan-soo, Governor of South Gyeongsang Province) ‘victim of power abuse’ smiled bitterly. Suspicion related to Gyeongnam FC continues. Gyeongnam FC has recently suffered from sexual harassment of executives and abuse of power in the workplace. Former employees who left the club exposed related facts through a local broadcaster. Contrary to expectations, however, the incident is not properly resolved. Rather, it is an atmosphere of certainty. The executive sued those who testified for defamation.

Mr. A, a former employee who informed the world about the abuse of power, called Sports Chosun directly. Mr. A said, “Last week, I received a call from the Changwon Central Police Station that I was sued for defamation due to the spread of false information.” I haven’t heard a word of apology from him. I haven’t done anything wrong. I just want to go to the end.”

Mr. A said that he still suffers when he thinks of his working days. Mr. A said, “I worked from February to June 2021,” and said, “It was a very disappointing day. I cried every day. I still cry when I think of that time.” Mr. A said that it was his lifelong dream to work for a soccer team. He said, “I loved soccer and the K-League so much. It was my dream to work for a K-League team, so I majored in Sports Management, and I only did external activities related to joining the K-League club.” I got a call from Gyeongnam FC asking me to work, and I was so happy. I ran straight to Changwon, where I had no connections at all.”

However, ‘heaven’ soon became ‘hell’. He said, “I was insulted every day for something that was not common sense. Unfair orders continued. But it was,” he said. He continued, “I was an intern at the time, but I had a lot of responsibilities. My seniors wondered, ‘How do I have the right to make decisions when I’m an intern?’ , ‘University students are better than you’ had to be heard in front of the entire secretariat. It was so painful.”

He endured by relying on his motives and other employees, but in the end, he had to leave his ‘dream job’ on his own after 4 months. Mr. A’s blog shows his feelings at the time.

While suffering from trauma, a local broadcasting station contacted me to cover the suspicion of Gyeongnam FC. responded right away. After the broadcast aired, the ripples grew exponentially. Mr. A said, “After that, I got a call from the executive. I was scared and didn’t receive it. After a while, a colleague I was close to contacted me and told me what the executive said. He said he knew that the interview had been conducted, but he was thinking of ending it, but he said he would do an interview in the future. If I don’t do it, he threatens, not threatens, that he will give up his mind. I had a lot of worries at the time, but I decided to just do it.” 먹튀검증

The thorny road was predicted, but there is a reason why he wants to go to the end. Mr. A said, “As I said before, the K-League club was a dream job for me. While preparing, there were so many juniors who had the same dream as me. I hated that they could also become victims. Even if I can’t play soccer again, culture I wanted to change. It’s not like it’s not. I just hope that no club has the part that I had a hard time with.”

On the other hand, the executive was in a position to be unfair. He said, “In the end, whether it is true or not is something the law will judge. I was going to leave the company at the end of this year, but it felt unfair when the situation turned out like this. The company is a company, but there is also a personal honor, so I chose to sue.”

The executive refuted the claim of Mr. A point by point. He said, “The Ministry of Labor has yet to decide on whether or not to abuse power. I don’t remember the verbal abuse. He told me to report everything. Rather, I caused damage by not doing so, and I was responsible for it. I gave him all the data and had him type it, but I couldn’t do it properly. My mistake was giving him faith and trust. “I contacted him because he wanted to hear the story before he followed the law, but he said he was threatened, unless he was an idiot in that situation. I just wanted to hear the story.”

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