Harmful to challenge the LPGA “The key is to diversify the driver’s distance and approach”

■’Princess Ora’ Yoo Hae-ran, 2023 LPGA stage challenge

Hae-ran Yoo , who boasts a tall height of 176 cm, has the nickname ‘Princess Ora’. It was because he had good grades at Ora CC in Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. Yoo Hae-ran, who was playing the second part of the tour in 2019, participated in the KLPGA Jeju Samdasoo Masters held at Ora Country Club in Jeju, and suddenly won the championship. Since he had trained a lot at Jeju Ora CC since he was an amateur, he knew the course better than anyone else. Yoo Hae-ran, who made a splendid debut on the KLPGA stage by winning the Samdasoo Masters, has won a total of 5 wins by the 2022 season.

Hae-Ran Yoo, who boasted stable skills enough to rank in the top 5 in prize money for the last 3 consecutive seasons, challenged the LPGA Qualifying School in December of last year and was honored to pass as the top scorer with a total of 29 under par in 8 rounds. She is the seventh Korean female athlete since Pak Se-ri in 1997 to pass the qualifying school as the top scorer. She plays on the domestic stage, and Ran Yu, who has never been pushed out of the top 5 in the money list for the past three seasons, challenges a new stage with the 2023 LPGA.

■Competition by increasing driving distance and diversifying approaches

Last December, Hae-Ran Yoo felt a lot while going through 8 rounds of qualifying school for 2 weeks in December last year. I was confident in my driving distance, but I realized that I lacked a lot to jump into the US stage. Today (11th), Yoo Hae-ran, whom I met at the TaylorMade new product launch event, explained the homework to be solved. 메이저사이트

At the same time, Yoo Hae-ran said, “When I went to the LPGA Qualifying this time, I felt that the distance was not enough. The US is really wide, I have to move a lot, and the golf course keeps changing, so there are so many things I have to adapt to. If I had only used one club in the surrounding approach, I thought that I would have to freely use 4 or 5 clubs in the US, so it is important to increase the driving distance and the number of clubs I can play around the green in this winter training. I think I will,” he said.

The first keyword for winning the LPGA stage is increased driving distance, and the second is diversification of the short game around the green. Until now, in Korea, only one 58-degree wedge was used around the green, or sometimes a 54-degree wedge, but in the United States, it seems that you will have to attack the hole with a variety of clubs instead of just one or two, explains Yoo Hae-ran.

■ “Wouldn’t English improve naturally? Parents who accompany us to the United States are also a great help.”

Ever since he had a vague plan that he might one day challenge the big stage of the United States, Yoo Hae-ran did not neglect his English studies. According to officials who accompanied her team at the time of her daughter’s winning the silver medal in the team event at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Hae-Ran’s English skills were such that she had no problems communicating. When asked about her language and related questions, Yoo Hae-ran revealed that she has no fear of English, saying, “Golf has a lot of English words, so I think that part will be okay.

She replied that in addition to language problems, she did not worry too much about adapting to the local area because her parents accompany her on her American tour. “I’m worried because the US tour is an unfamiliar place. But I’m going to spend the season with my parents, so I’m not too worried. If I win from the first year, it could be a perfect season, but I’ve never said that my goal is to win. . Since I travel to many places, my goal is to adapt well, and if I adapt well (to the United States), I think winning will follow,” he concluded the interview.

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