‘Header is higher than GK save’… ‘Serie Leading Scorer’ Osimen scored 5 consecutive matches with multiple goals

SSC Napoli’s main striker Victor Osimen’s scoring ability is formidable. Osimen scored multiple goals at Spezia away and consolidated his top spot as the sole scorer. 

Osimen led the team to a complete victory by scoring two goals in the second half of the Italian Serie A Spezia-Napoli match held at Stadio Alberto Pico at 8:30 pm (Korean time) on the evening of the 5th. Thanks to Osimen’s scoring power, Napoli thrashed Spezia 3-0.

Osimen, who was the starting striker on the day, attacked Spezia’s goal from the first half, but was unable to break through the opponent’s solid defense in the first half. 

Osimen’s true value was revealed in the second half. Napoli 메이저사이트, who took the lead through Kvica Kvaratskelia’s penalty, had time to spare, while Spezia were impatient. Osimen’s organs began to emerge against Spezia, which had cracks little by little.

Osimen broke Spezia’s net once in the second half, but the referee ruled that Osimen had grabbed and dragged the jersey of the defender who marked him, and canceled the goal.

Osimen, who had already caught his breath with a tremendous sprint, scored a goal in the 23rd minute of the second half, hitting the ball in the head with a tremendous sergeant jump while soaring high into the air inside the opponent’s penalty box. Not only the opposing defender but also the goalkeeper joined in the punching, but Osimen was higher.

Five minutes after that, Osimen once again scored a multi-goal following his speedy goal. Osimen, who scored his 15th and 16th goals in one game, ran away with a 4-goal difference over Ademola Lukeman (Atalanta, 12 goals in 20 matches), who ranked second in Serie A. Osimen has 16 goals (three assists) in 17 games. The number of goals scored per game is approaching one goal. Osimen played 80 minutes and was substituted for joker Giovanni Simeone in the 81st minute.

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