Heimar and Tank, the chemistry of Jeju’s ‘Brazilian Duo’…’Chin’

 Arguments, bickering.

A new foreign player has been recruited by Jeju United. a brazilian duo Hayes (30), who played a big role in Gwangju FC for two years from the 2021 season, and Yuri Jonatan (24), who worked in Brazil and Japan, are the main characters.

It’s been less than a month since we met, but just looking at each other’s eyes makes us smile. In particular, Hayes, who experienced the K-League first, is giving Yuri a lot of advice. The two, who are in the midst of preparing for the 2023 season in Chiang Mai, Thailand, were stuck together like gum while training as well as during rest.

Hayes said, “Even when I was in Gwangju, I received a lot of help from the players. I also tell Yuri as much as possible about Korean culture and education. Although Yuri is young, she is a player with an open mind. He is taking it well,” he said.

Yuri said, “I’m learning how to treat adults with respect. He does the same for the behavioral part. Thank you so much for being good to Hayes,” he replied. 메이저놀이터

He’s bickering, but he’s full of affection. In particular, Yuri’s aegyo towards Heis has no time to rest. Yuri, who had been looking at Heis throughout the interview, finally started expressing his affection by blowing ‘finger hearts’. In response, Hayes smiled and accepted Yuri’s affection.

Both of them were in charge. We have to lead Jeju’s attack. Joo Min-gyu, who left for Ulsan Hyundai, and Zerso, who wore a uniform for Incheon United, have a big vacancy. Hayes said, “We are getting along while training together. He is getting to know what kind of balls Yuri likes to receive and what moves he makes. Since we are communicating, it seems to be able to create a positive effect,” he said.

At the same time, he subtly talked about what he expects from Yuri, who has a 185cm, 88kg body, saying, “I will curse if Yuri doesn’t block the opponent’s defenders before they come to me.” Yuri said, “Communication is important. We will do our best to unleash each other’s positive potential.” Fortunately, in a practice match against Chiang Rai FC on the 15th, Yuri drew cheers from everyone with a fantastic goal from an overhead kick.

As the interview progressed, the chemistry between the two reached its peak. Hays is nicknamed ‘Heymar (Hays + Neymar)’ and Yuri is nicknamed ‘Tank’. In response, Hayes said, “It has a positive meaning. It’s a nickname that suits him who is reckless”, and Yuri said, “‘Hey’ in Brazilian language means ‘king’. I thought he was really the king of Gwangju,” he laughed.

Regarding what they wanted to say to each other, Yuri cut off the start first. He said, “Thank you so much for helping me adapt. As a K-League senior, Hayes listens to stories as well as advice. I want to have a good season.” Heis said, “I hope Yuri doesn’t thank me. Even if Yuri had been in Korea first, he would have helped me like that,” he said, “I want to help as much as I can.

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