Heo Yoon-dong-Yang Chang-seop test bed’ Samsung, Nippon Ham practice match 0-3 loss

The Samsung Lions lost the first practice game of spring camp against the Nippon Ham Fighters of Japan. 

On the 9th, Samsung lost 0-3 in a practice game against the Nippon Ham Fighters of the Japanese professional baseball team held at Tapik Stadium in Nago, Okinawa, Japan. 

On this day, Samsung had Kim Ji-chan (2nd baseman) – Lee Jae-hyeon (shortstop) – Kim Hyun-joon (center fielder) – Kim Tae-hoon (left fielder) – Kim Jae-seong (catcher) – Gong Min-gyu (1st baseman) – Cho Min-seong (designated hitter) – Kim Sang-min (right fielder) – Kim Dong-jin (3). baseman), the batting line was organized in order. As it was the first practice game, the lineup was mainly composed of young players. 

However, he struggled with the empty space of the other line. He only gave up 2 hits. Park Sang-min in the 3rd inning and Kim Hyun-joon in the 7th inning were not successful. There were no walks. 

Heo Yoon-dong (22) was on the starting mound that day. Heo Yun-dong gave up 2 runs, giving up 3 hits including a home run and 1 walk in 2 innings, and another starting candidate Yang Chang-seop followed suit, but scored 3 hits, 1 walk and 1 run in 2 innings. 

After the game, Yang Chang-seop said through the메이저놀이터 club, “It’s been a long time since I started against Japan, but the pitching process and results are a little disappointing. It was good to catch the runners on the ground as checkers.” I will prepare,” he said.Kim Tae-hoon said, “It was a practice game, but it is regrettable that we lost the first game,” but “I think communication with the defenders has improved through practice and training. Even today’s difficult ball was well defended thanks to Hyun-joon’s good call play. He said, “I will prepare well for the season by improving my batting posture during the camp.” 

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