How is Baek In-cheon, the ‘40% hitter’ who won the ‘hit king’ for the first time in Japan?

The topic of baseball these days is the World Baseball Classic.

600 players from 20 countries have been released, and the best players, including 8 major league MVPs, will participate.

In Korea, the eyes are definitely focused on Lee Jung-hoo. Lee Jung-hoo crossed the 40% batting average in the first half of the 2022 season, raising expectations for his dream batting average of 40%. Lee Jung-hoo finished the season with a 0.349, but he is considered the only hitter to challenge the 400 mark.

The legendary batsman summoned when talking about 40% is Baek In-cheon, who recorded 40% 1pun 2ri in the first year of 1982. Baek 스포츠토토In-cheon is the only 40% hitter in the history of Korean professional baseball.

In 1962, Baek In-cheon, who was the first Korean player to go abroad and became the Pacific League batting champion in 1975, joined MBC Blue Dragon as a manager and player with the launch of Korean professional baseball in 1982, and showed a ‘different level’ baseball. He also lived as a leader, such as managing LG, Samsung and Lotte.

Baek In-cheon, who has lived a turbulent life, is now living alone in her 80s. It is said that it is almost the only former Hanwha coach Yoo Seung-an to come and go. I tried to capture Baek In-cheon’s past and present.

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